Like most people living in New York City, room is quite limited in my closet and storage space is a joke. Carrie Bradshaw once used her oven for storing sweaters and, while I’m not that desperate yet, I do find that I have had to cut back on the number of bulky coats and jackets that occupy my closet. Last year, NYC experienced it’s first ever Polar Vortex. I still can’t tell you what a Polor Vortex is exactly but it was COLD. Painfully frigid temperatures mixed with snow and extreme wind made Winter 2013-14 the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s very hard keeping warm and dry while trying not to look like a giant marshmallow. That’s why I’ve come up with your guide to essential winter outerwear that won’t break the bank but will keep you cozy chic.


 NYC Guide to Essential Frost Free Vest

Old Navy Frost Free Vest


The Vest:
I’ve always had a special place in my heart for a vest but I’ve gotten more use out of them than ever this season. This fall has been extremely difficult to dress for because it’s been chilly in the morning but almost in the 70s come afternoon/evening. A vest + a cable knit sweater + a button down shirt + a thick blanket scarf have been my uniform for the past few weeks. Done and done. I’m loving this Old Navy Frost Free Vest for this season. The plaid is to die for and it’s heavy enough to keep you warm but not too bulky so you feel like the Michelin Man. And you cannot beat the price! Here is the link for the NYC Guide to the Essential Frost Free Vest


NYC Guide to Essential London Fog Trench

London Fog Trench


The Trench:
Used for dressing up or dressing down, this is one of the classics and your best friend for transitional weather. This jacket is used a little less so during the heavy winter months but you will be so happy to have it come the end of Fall and the beginning of Spring. Khaki is the ultimate neutral and you can wear practically anything with it. I love that this trench has a hood. Let’s face it, navigating the streets of NYC on a sunny day is hard enough but on a rainy day somebody is guaranteed to get poked, nudged or whacked with an umbrella.  Here is the link for the NYC Guide to the Essential  London Fog Trench



NYC Guide to Essential Field Jacket

J Crew Field Jacket


The Field Jacket:
Great for layering and an essential jacket that is perfect for throwing over jeans or a dress or skirt. This is my go-to jacket for weekend nights out. Warm enough to get me where I’m going but light enough so that I can hold on to it for the night if needed. I have this in Navy and it goes with practically everything I own but the Mossy Brown would look great with a lot of colors in your fall wardrobe as well.  Here is the link for the NYC Guide to the Essential Field Jacket



J Crew Long Belted Puffer Jacket

J Crew
Long Belted Puffer Jacket

The Puffer:

Spending four years at college in New England could never had prepared me for the winter tundra that we faced in NYC last year. If it wasn’t snowing, the wind would would cut straight to the bone. That’s why the Puffer is going to be your go-to for most winter days (I wore my puffer for 3 straight months last year) and I found that the Puffer kept me the warmest. I definitely recommend getting a long one to keep your legs toasty. Do not, I repeat, do not wait until Al Roker tells you that a winter storm is coming our way. There will be no Puffers left. Go get a puffer. Now. I just got this J.Crew Factory Puffer in the mail and I am in love. It’s the perfect length, there’s fleece linked pockets AND thumb holes on the sleeves. I’m actually looking forward to the first frost! Nope. I take that back.

Tip: I prefer a jacket that is going to get wet to not have a fur trim on the hood/collar. Nothing is worse than riding the subway wondering if it’s you that smells like the wet dog.  Here is the link for the NYC Guide to the Essential Puffer

Old Navy Wool Coat

Old Navy
Wool Coat

The Wool Coat:
You will be wearing this on the days it isn’t snowing or the wind won’t sweep you away Mary Poppins style. There are countless options for styles and colors here but for me, it’s go navy or go home. I find navy to provide the same slimming appearance as black but without being too serious. Just because the winter is dark and dreary, it doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be. That said, I find a navy toggle coat to be the best option here. You can dress it up or down and the hood is an extra plus. Again, I prefer a longer length to provide the most warmth. This Old Navy one seems too good to be true! The price, the fur trim and the deep pockets makes this the perfect addition to your closet!  Here is the link for the NYC Guide to the Essential Wool Coat


My Follow up blog will contain the NYC Guide to Essential Winter Wear for Boots and Accessories!  Eat Up New York

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