This is part 2 of our NYC Guide to Essential Winter Wear.  These are our picks for must haves for the winter season having spent so many winters in NYC before.  It seems to be getting colder and colder by the day so I wouldn’t wait much longer to stock up on your Essential Winter Wear.





Bean Boots

Bean Boots:

If there is one pair of shoes that you have to have this season, it’s the Bean Boots by L.L. Bean. I have a pair in navy with the 8″ height and I can tell you right now I would have not survived last winter without them. They kept my feet absolutely dry, even after stepping in 2 feet deep piles of wintery slush-multiple times. I purchased a pair of the shearling insoles to keep my toes extra toasty but you certainly don’t need them. These boots have been around forever and I totally understand why. There is little to no “breaking-in” time and your feet will certainly thank you for it. I definitely suggest pairing with camp socks for a more put together look and extra comfort/warmth.  Here is the link for the NYC Guide to the Essential Bean Boots


Shearling Boots:

These are the Saturday morning can’t survive the day until I get my bagel and coffee-run boots. Also, these are really practical for slipping on and off to change into your sneakers at the gym. I admit it… I still have my Uggs from college. I don’t care how ugly they are, they are still so comfortable and I will only get rid of them when every last piece of shearling is gone (which will be much sooner than later). I have my eye on these boots from Target as a replacement: NYC Guide to the Essential Shearling Boots

NYC Guide to the Essential Shearling Boots

Shearling Boots from Target


The Everyday Leather Boot:

These boots will get you through the most days of the season for sure. Skirts, jeans and dresses go great with the leather boot and they are perfect for the office, dinner and the weekend. I have a black pair from last year but needed to replace my brown pair this season. Unfortunately, I had THE hardest time finding the right pair. They were never the right color, had too much metal hardwear, no zipper, the leather looked too cheap…etc. Finally, I found my perfect pair at Lord & Taylor. These Bandolino boots were rich enough in color, had a zipper, they didn’t jingle jangle with the extra hardware AND best of all, they come in wide-calf sizes. Truthfully, I don’t need a wide calf size, however, I like to wear boot cuffs sometimes and I find that I can’t wear them with normal size boots so I was determined to find a pair that left extra room for them. Here is the link for the NYC Guide to the Essential Everyday Leather Boots

NYC Guide to the Essential Winter Accessories


The Blanket Scarf

NYC Guide to the Essential Blanket Scarf

The Blanket Scarf

Wearing this scarf is like getting a warm hug. Depending on what color(s) you choose for your outerwear, this is your opportunity to incorporate a pop of color. Have a chilly office? This scarf literally doubles as a blanket. Yes, please!


Here is the link to the NYC Guide to the Essential Blanket Scarf 


Tip: Not sure what to get the person who has everything for the holidays this season? These are perfect!


Tech Gloves:
Good luck trying to slip your gloves on and off to text your friend that you’re running late to dinner. You are guaranteed to see your iphone drop in a pile of slosh. These are an absolute winter necessity to keep your hands dry and have easy access to your phone:

NYC Guide to the Essential Tech Gloves

Tech Gloves from Ralph Lauren

Here is the link to the NYC Guide to the Essential Tech Gloves

Tip: Have a pair of old gloves that are not touch-screen-friendly? Dab a few drops of clear nail polish to the pointer finger on the glove. Let dry and voila!


A Warm Hat: I am a sucker for all types of hats and quite frankly, I have way too many. If I have to limit my outerwear and shoes then I am going to make up for it in accessories. Last year, I lived in slouchy beanies like this:

NYC Guide to the Essential Slouchy Beanie

Slouchy Beanie




    Here is the link to the NYC Guide to the Essential Slouchy Beanie




NYC Guide to the Essential Pompom hat

Pompom Hat


But I have my eye on this hat from Joe Fresh. How cute is that Pompom!

Here is the link the NYC Guide to the Essential Pompom Hat





A Knitted Headband: Have no time to do your hair and need to put it up in a ponytail for work? Happens all the time for me. And if you have hair like mine, once it’s in a ponytail, it’s staying that way all day. That’s why I LOVE these knitted headbands. You can slip it right on without messing up your ponytail. The leather accent on this one from Club Monaco gives this a little oomph and the Italian Cashmere will keep your ears nice and toasty!

NYC Guide to the Essential Knitted Headband

Knitted Headband

Here is the link for the NYC Guide to the Essential Knitted Headband

Eat Up New York and don’t forget to Bundle Up New York!

In case you missed the NYC Guide to Essential Winter Wear Part 1, on Outerwear, you can find it here.

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