We’ve all seen it, thousands and thousands of people rocking out to the biggest music stars of the year all jam packed in Times Square. But have you done it? Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve has played in the background of New Years Eve parties for as long as i can remember. And I would think, “Oh, that looks fun.” But then I thought about the huge crowd, the temperature and the no bathroom thing and I would ask myself, “How do they do it?” Well, now I’m going to figure it out so you can enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

How can you pass up the beauty of the Waterford Crystal ball, Nick Jonas singing, or the confetti party? So, I’ve found the basics of what you need to know to get you through 2014 into 2015. Here it is:

New Years Eve in Times Square

New Years Eve in Times Square Survival Guide

With the help of The Official Guide of NYC, I made a list of what you need to do to survive New Years Eve in Times Square.

Arrive at your Convenience                                                                            

When I say your convenience, I mean in the afternoon. The crowds pile up fast and if you want the ideal viewing spot for performers, and to see the ball drop, then 3 pm is probably the most convenient time. Any time after 10:30 pm, your best viewing spot of the crystal ball will probably be a television. There are viewing areas for those who are handicapped. I would also advise getting there early to get into that area.

Dress Appropriately

This is not a dress to impress event. It’s a dress to keep from freezing event. Wear warm clothes to keep toasty until 2015. Wearing comfortable shoes is obvious, as you’ll be standing for hours on end, but also remember to wear a thick pair of socks. Warm feet is the key to keeping your body heat up along with a hat.  You lose a ton of body heat through your head so make sure to keep it covered in something other than a paper New Year’s Eve Hat!   This is a major tip to help you survive New Years Eve in Times Square, literally.

New Years Eve in Times Square

Public Transportation is your Friend

Get there early and take the train or bus. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic and parking is no simple task. Yes, the trains and subways will be crowded, but getting there early will help a lot. If you do happen to take the subway, take a train that doesn’t stop at Times Square, but just close enough to it, and walk the rest. The subways are going to be extremely crowded. So unless you like to be a sardine, take a different train.

Don’t Bring Any Bags

I repeat: DO NOT BRING ANY BAGS! Police will not let you through the barricades with them. They are considered a security issue but, on the plus side, at least you won’t have to drag that thing around all night.

Come On a Full Stomach

There’s no food available during the event so make sure you have had enough food and drink to last you until the ball drops. New Years Eve in Times Square is almost like the survival of the fittest. So, don’t let a rumbly tummy ruin your time.

New Years Eve in Times Square

Hold It In!

There are no public bathrooms in the vicinity of Times Square. So, go before the crowd gets too big. If I were you, I’d go when you get there and one more time while you can still get back to your viewing spot.

Most importantly, have fun. New Years Eve in Times Square only comes once a year and after experiencing it, you might only want to do it once. So, bring friends who will keep you entertained during waiting periods and make sure you are good to last a couple hours on the streets of Times Square. There is a great line up of performers that will keep you dancing all the way into 2015. Happy New Year!

New Years Eve in Times Square


Photo Credit of Featured Image: Anthony Quintano
Photo Credit of Crowd: Chris Amelung
Photo Credit of Crystal Ball: Clare Wilkinson

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