Boobie Trap

There are two types of people in this world, those that love board games and drinking at the same time with complimentary breasts everywhere, and those that have no souls. Luckily I’m full of soul and I love complimentary anything!

In Bushwick, at 308 Bleecker Street, is an awesome up and coming bar called Boobie Trap. They stay true to their name and carry their theme through out the whole place! Before opening their own spot, Paul and his partner Kristen bar-tended for years at other venues like the Knitting Factory and one of my go-to bars Iggy’s on Ludlow Street.

Boobie Trap

The Pee Pee Doorbell

I had been to Boobie Trap twice before, but it was my first time seeing it since it was newly renovated. After telling Paul, the owner and bartender, that I loved what he did with the place, he recommended checking out the awesome bathroom.  Believe me when I say, it was awesome! I rang the pee pee doorbell and waited my turn. The door opened and I didn’t know where to look first! The chandelier made of Barbie dolls almost crosses the line of creepy, but falls on the side of artistic. Walls are spray-painted black, toilet paper rolls up and down the walls, a hand dryer that is decorated with a gold hand-print.  Even the door to the bathroom was interesting. It may or may not have been taken directly off of someone’s home. Can we leave the bathroom? Cause I never wanted to. Inside the bar, the decor is creative and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The beer on tap is poured out of a classy nude mannequin and the wall politely tells you to “Fuck off” in neon pink. Who doesn’t love neon pink?!

Boobie Trap

Barbie Doll Chandelier

Paul is an awesome dude who takes care of his customers. He is definitely an experienced bartender and it shows in his drinks. They have some fun cocktails to choose from like a “war head” made with fireball and homemade sour mix, a fun take on a root beer float, killer homemade bloody mary’s and even hot drinks like a “hot thin mint.”  I certainly appreciated the guy at the end of the bar drinking a martini out of the rocks glass too. Which brings me to my next point. Flannels and beards to coogis and shape-ups, the bar had a nice variety of people, which made for a great atmosphere. You can get snacks like mac n cheese, jalapeño corn bread, pulled pork and lots more. I played Jenga, drank my Jameson,  and heard some good stories from Paul. The bar had a solid amount of people in it, especially for a Wednesday night. Everyone laughing and crying because they suck at scrabble made for some good background music too. Open from noon to 4am Boobie trap gives you plenty of time for board games, snacks, and booze. Their daily lunch specials are worth mentioning too, 1/4 pound of meat, 2 sides, 2 rolls and a draft beer for 12$. Come hungry and thirsty. The local bar on Bleecker in Brooklyn is an easy ride on the L or J train. Boobie Trap is definitely the place to go when looking for a different bar to make good memories and have great drinks!

By the way… they have crayons and nude coloring books available for your entertainment. Make sure you stay in the lines, this isn’t grade school!  You can find out more about Boobie Trap by checking out their facebook page here.

Boobie Trap

Seems Pretty Clear

We only live once so make sure it tastes good!



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