Eat Up New York was invited to dine at Pounds and Ounces NYC and try their new menu. Pounds and Ounces recently overhauled their menu and made most of their options for communal dining. Although I went to Pounds and Ounces NYC on a Tuesday, I think that it is a perfect spot to go with friends any night of the week.  It was definitely a fun weeknight place to go and break up the workweek. Pound and Ounces NYC has a variety of specialty cocktails that are perfect to start your meal. The Bird in the Hand is a great cocktail which isn’t as sweet as your typical cocktail, especially if you are a fan of whiskey cocktails this one if for you.

Pounds and Ounces NYC Appetizers

The first thing that you need to order here is the Ahi Tuna Nachos. I do love a tuna taco but this is a creative take on my favorite. This dish is made of fried wontons, seaweed salad, edamame, ginger, tuna tartare and topped with wasabi crema and soy glaze. The best deal at Pounds and Ounces NYC might be their Morracan Meatballs! The meatballs are only $9 and are astounding. These meatballs are cooked in the old fashioned Italian style but with added harissa it takes them to a new level! If you can handle spice get the salmon skewers, they are coated in a sweet and spicy maple glaze that is to die for.

But all in all my favorite dish by far was the Pounds and Ounces NYC baby osso buco. Osso buco is not a dish I like to order out, it is huge and can be difficult to eat. Pounds and Ounces changes everything that I didn’t like about the dish and makes it perfectly appropriate to order, even on a first date. They use mini veal shanks and braise them for hours in a red wine sauce. These bite-sized pieces of heaven come on top of perfectly al dente truffle risotto servings.

Pound and Ounces NYC

You can’t skip on the dessert at Pounds and Ounces NYC, all of the options were delicious. Our favorites were the Chocolate Pretzel Parfait, Lavender ice cream sandwiches and, my personal addiction, the Meyer Lemon Guava Cheesecake

Chef Margaret LaVetty is bringing some awesome new flavor to Pounds and Ounces NYC and the Eat Up New York Crew can’t wait to head back!

For More Information for Pounds and Ounces NYC check out their website

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