This upcoming week from June 22 to 28th is New York City Sustainable Seafood Week. Throughout the week there will be fun, delicious and educational events to celebrate the fisherman and farmers doing things the sustainable way, and to talk about the future of fish.

The problems with the global fishing industry are numerous and extremely troubling.  It has been estimated that wild tuna will cease to exist in our lifetime and that 70% of our planets marine stocks are exploited or over exploited. Not to mention that in South East Asia the fishing industry largely survives off of slave labor. These facts don’t make for a sustainable industry. In order to ensure that our oceans are healthy and that there are still fish for human consumption, changes must be made. During Sustainable Seafood Week you can learn about the changes you can make to your diet, grocery shopping and more that will make a difference in the planet!

Here are some of the coolest events happening in coordination with Sustainable Seafood Week this year!

Oyster Farm Tour & Tasting

Love oysters? Head out to Long Island this Sunday, June 21st, to check out a family run oyster farm in Greenport. Widow’s Hole Oyster Farm was started by a couple who sold their software firm and hoped to bring back oysters to what was once New York’s oyster capital, Greenport. 12 years later, Widow’s Hold Oyster Farm is supplying oysters to some of the most well known chefs in NYC and people can’t get enough of their goods. With a ticket to this tour you’ll also be treated to a delicious lunch of fresh oysters, savory pork sausage and a wine pairing.

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Guided Tour of the New Fulton Fish Market

The original Fulton Fish Market opened in 1807 in lower Manhattan and, just like today, supplied seafood to many of the restaurants in NYC. Now, the New Fulton Fish Market is located at Hunts Point in the Bronx. Within the structure you’ll find over 37 wholesale fish purveyors! Can you believe that the world’s second largest Fish Market is just right up the road? This market is quite a sight to see, but for this tour you’ll have to get up early but I know it will be worth it! The Sustainable Seafood Week tour is on June 24th and begins at 5am!

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Local Catch Cooking Class

Maybe you are a fan of eating fish but a little intimidated to make it at home. This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to make seafood, and you’ll be at the amazing Natural Gourmet Institute. The Natural Gourmet Institute describes that, “just as with meat, vegetables and dairy, when selecting seafood it’s important to consider what’s fresh, local, and sustainable!” This Sustainable Seafood Week class will take place on June 24th.

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Union Square Seafood Festival: Lunch and Dinner

Switch up your Friday routine on June 26th and head to Union Square for lunch or dinner and get to taste some sustainable seafood. From 11am-1pm you’ll find Chef Emily Peterson doing a shellfish cooking demonstration. After work, return when there will be some live music! All day you’ll find sustainable food, beer and wine options from the various restaurant booths in Union Square! Attendance is free for everyone and food and drink will be available for purchase.

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For more information on all of these events and more, check out the Sustainable Seafood Week website!


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