What Foodies Should Watch on Netflix

My two favorite things are food and TV. There is nothing like spending a weekend snuggled up and binging on some good snacks and a good show. Here are some of my favorite food related titles available on Netflix and the snacks to devour when you’re watching.


What to watch: Somm

Somm is an awesome documentary that follows a group of guys who are about to take their master sommelier exam. Since the master sommelier exam was developed in 1977, only 216 people worldwide have earned that title. I am in the process of trying to teach myself more and more about wine and it was fun to drink with friends and attempt to taste as the pros do.

What to eat:

Obviously you’ve got to go for some nice vino while watching this film. Pair your wine with whatever you can afford after splurging on a nice bottle, preferably microwave popcorn.


What to Watch on Netflix: Parts Unknown

You could also watch Bourdain’s other show No Reservations, but in my opinion this one is more interesting. Explore the food, conflicts and histories of familiar and unfamiliar cities around the world. Some of my favorite episodes are Copenhagen, Myanmar, Quebec, Sicily, Lyon and Thailand.

What to Eat:

Go with one of Bourdain’s favorites, street meat. Get your favorite from the Halal cart around the corner.



What to Watch on Netflix: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I’m probably not the first to recommend this film, but then again, why haven’t you watched this freaking movie yet? It is so good and will show you truly what an art sushi making really is!

What to Eat:

Seamless some sushi of course! Or go for the next best thing, seaweed snacks!


What to Watch on Netflix: Alton Brown Good Eats

Alton Brown is the Bill Nye of the food world. Learn about cooking, while also getting into the science and history of food. This is a great show if you are looking for some inspiration to take your cooking game to the next level

What to Eat:

Good old American comfort food, aka mac and cheese!


What to Watch on Netflix: The Mind of a Chef

This is by far my favorite food related title on Netflix. The first season focuses on David Chang and the second season is split up between Sean Brock and April Bloomfield. All of these chefs are absolutely amazing and being able to see how they work and their creative processes is a treat.

What to Eat:

It depends on which chef you’re watching, David Chang: Ramen of any kind: delivery, instant or homemade.  Sean Brock: cook up something local and fresh! April Bloomfield: faire from across the pond, fish and chips, Scotch egg, sausages.

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