I went to Mirage Kitchen for a quick workday lunch and was thrilled with this new unique lunch option. While I’ve never been one to be afraid of the halal cart, many of my friends refuse to eat the “street meat.” Mirage Kitchen is bringing your halal favorites to a slightly more savory location. The first Mirage Kitchen is in the West Village and their newest location is in Midtown East on the corner of Park and 31st. Mirage Kitchen only has plans to expand more and more so look out for one opening close to you!

Mirage Kitchen Magic Sauce

I was feeling rather hungry so I went for their bowl option, you can also get a pita wrap or a salad. My bowl came with a ton of awesome yellow “nice rice,” their kitchen salad, some pickles and peppers and the “works.” At Mirage Kitchen they have two huge shawarma rotating in the back, one chicken option and what they call the works, a combination of lamb and beef. I added a ton of the Mirage Kitchen magic white sauce on top, which only enhanced this bowl. I was impressed all around with the ingredients that made up the bowl. The rice was perfectly cooked and seasoned, the meat was flavorful and tender, and the salad and pickles added great freshness and contrast to the rest of the dish. The bowl is huge and I definitely could have saved some for dinner because I was quickly slipping into a food coma after only a half day of Eating Up New York!

Mirage Kitchen

No Illusions at Mirage Kitchen

I also had to try their chickpea fries I had heard so much about. They were totally unexpected. I thought I had an idea of what I was getting myself into but I had no clue! These fries are so light and airy and not greasy at all, all restaurants should have a guilt-free fry like this one!

Mirage Kitchen

I plan on stopping by Mirage Kitchen more frequently on my way home from work, that way I can safely fall into a food coma in the comfort of my own home.

For more information on Mirage Kitchen check out their website

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