It’s no secret that I love food markets. I went to school near Cleveland, which fostered my love of food markets, Cleveland’s West Side Market is one of the most famous in the country.  Eat Up New York has already written about some NYC food markets in the city but here is my definitive list of my favorite Food markets

Gotham West Market – NYC Food Market

I’ve written a few times about Gotham West Market, it’s unlike any other NYC Food market in the city. Gotham West Market offers some really high quality food  in a casual and laid back setting. It’s also very much still a hidden gem.  Head over on a weeknight and you’ll be able to grab a table at any of the eateries in there.

Here are some links to write ups we have done about what you will find at the Gotham West Market

Genuine Roadside at the Gotham West Market

El Colmado at the Gotham West Market

The Gotham West Market

Chelsea Market

I think I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the Chelsea Market. Without a doubt there is awesome food there, it is in a great location, and it can be a fun outing.  But for me, going to Chelsea Market on the weekends is out of the question –  it is just way too packed. My favorite time to go to the Chelsea Market is on week days for lunch. I’m totally in love with Mokbar, they have super delicious and affordable ramen.  I also always head over to Kingdom of Herbs when I’m at Chelsea Market.  Kingdom of Herbs sells awesome handmade goods and plant related items. They also carry my favorite candle, a Kobo candle in wild tomato plant scent, and the box that this candle comes in can be soaked in water and then grow a tomato plant!

Check out my write up on Mokbar in the Chelsea Market


I wrote a beginners guide to the NYC Greenmarkets.  If you have never gone you are missing out! One of my favorite things to do is to wake up extra early on a Saturday and walk down to Union Square.  It is true that the early bird gets the worm, but I’ve also gone to the Greenmarket at 4:30 on a Monday and still found amazing food. Don’t be discouraged by a busy schedule because there is bound to be a time and location of a Greenmarket that will work for you, they have over 50 locations!

NYC Food Market

Arthur Avenue Market

I haven’t written about this NYC Food market (yet) but it is one of my favorite spots. When I used to work in the Bronx I was at the Arthur Ave Market for lunch almost everyday.  If you’ve never made the venture to Arthur Ave, this is a great place to start, a little bit of everything under one roof. The famous Mike’s Deli is located here and I can promise that you’ve never had eggplant parm like theirs! The Bronx Beer Hall is also located inside! So order a hero and grab a brew, on Wednesdays you can even play trivia here.  Check out the Arthur Avenue Website for more information on the market, vendors & Bronx neighborhood

Eataly – NYC Food Market

Eataly is also an Eat Up New York favorite.  We love to head over there  and grab an array of treats for our lunch. Yes it can be busy but you can find some awesome deals in this NYC Food market if you shop around.  One of my favorites is the onion focaccia bread. Also, if the line at the checkout is too long, any of the stalls will be able to ring up your entire order!

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