If you’re like us, then not a day goes by when you’re not craving Mexican food. There’s just something about those flavors, the heat, the spice, the guacamole (okay it’s mostly the guacamole) that we can never turn down. Even if that craving means venturing across the bridge over to Brooklyn. We’ll do anything for the love of Mexican food. Even when it’s not great, it’s still good. And luckily for us, Calexico proved to be not just great, but really freaking great.

It Started with a Street Cart

If you ever find yourself strolling around flatiron or soho, you’ve probably passed the Calexico cart and wondered, que es? Is it just another street cart? Think again. Calexico, named after one of the two major crossings between California and Mexico, is the perfect hybrid between the two cuisines. When the three founders moved to NYC they were blown away with the variety of food, but were unable to satisfy their craving for their hometown cuisine. So they began cooking and the rest is history. In their second year in business, as a street cart, they won the Vendy Award for the Best Street Food in NYC. They quickly became New York celebrities. And a few years later, they’ve been able to open a few restaurants in Brooklyn, while holding on to their pushcarts in Manhattan.

The Food at Calexico

We ventured to their Greenpoint location and sat outdoors on their backyard patio, enjoying the summer night’s breeze.


We started out with the guacamole and an order of drinks. I went with the Jalapeno, which was perfectly spiced just how I like it.


For our main entrees, both Meredith and I went with a trio of tacos; The Baja Fish which is lightly battered in beer and topped with a spicy slaw, mango salsa and their famous “crack” sauce.

The Carne Asada, which is a nicely marinated hanger steak topped with avocado sauce and pico. And last, but not least, I went with the Montery Fish – roasted tilapia with grilled pineapple salsa and tomatillo sauce on a toasted flour tortilla. As someone who only eats meat on occasion, I was quite impressed with the Carne Asada taco and would go back for just that if I’m being honest.

If you’re always wondering where to go with your group of friends for a fun dinner, that won’t hurt your wallet too much, Calexico should be your next move. The food, the drinks, and the vibes all get two thumbs up from Eat Up New York. Worth the Brooklyn adventure? Absolutely. Like I said, we’ll do anything for the love of Mexican food.

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