Hakkasan, in the Theater District, is bringing authentic Chinese cuisine to your dinner with the right swanky atmosphere to kick off an evening of fun. Hakkasan is guaranteed to impress with their handmade dumplings, carefully crafted cocktails and stunning desserts. For the rest of August head to Hakkasan to check out their limited time offering of the Ling Ling tasting menu. Inside of a lively bar, at Hakkasan, the Ling Ling menu will be offered nightly from 9:30 until closing.

The Ling Ling Experience

Hakkasan is a world famous restaurant with 10 locations around the globe, with widespread praise for their delicious, beautiful and traditional cuisine. From the famous Hakkasan comes Ling Ling. This new restaurant opening in Mykonos, Greece is being celebrated wide spread at each Hakkasan location through August 31st. “The Ling Ling experience is designed to evolve throughout the night taking you from dining, to drinking to dancing, in no particular order.”

There are two different options for the Ling Ling menu, one of fish and vegetable dishes and the other is meat and seafood. Each offering comes with four dishes that come served all together. If you come with a group of two or more consider ordering one (or more) of each prix fixe so you can all have a taste of these different and decadent dishes.

Of course you have got to start with some cocktails. Try the Ling Ling Collins for a refreshing taste of a carefree Grecian vacation (and some cranberry and grapefruit in there too). Or try one of the amazing crafted cocktails from Hakkasan, I love their Smoky Negroni. As they bring this cocktail out in a smoke filled carafe the entire restaurant will surely be impressed as well!


The Food at Hakkasan

Your Fish and Vegetable prix fixe will come with a crispy pumpkin salad, a piece of grilled sea bass, with Chinese honey, some steamed chive dumplings and an asparagus and lotus root stir-fry. The pumpkin salad is so unique and delicious; the pumpkin is a fried pastry that contains your salad, because who doesn’t want their salad to be a little more deep fried?


The sea bass has a gorgeous outer crust from the honey that will make you think that it’s actually salmon at your table, but it is just a sweet smoky flavorful outside of a tender piece of white fish.

The Meat and Seafood prix fixe comes with a crispy duck salad with pomegranate, smoked short ribs, stir-fried scallops in XO sauce, and spicy prawns with lily bulb.




Finally both are finished off with a chef’s selection of macarons. The spicy prawns are packed with amazing variety of Asian spices and will liven up your taste buds! And you won’t forget about these short ribs, the meat falls right off of the bone and is smoked to perfection!

If you saved room for more than just the macarons, you have to try out some of their other dessert options as well. If you are a fan of soup dumplings, you are going to fall head over heels for the black sesame and chocolate dumplings at Hakkasan. These delicate dumplings are bursting with warm chocolate…they are the stuff dreams are made of.

The staff at Hakkasan are total professionals at making your night a memorable experience. Hakkasan is a great for special occasions and large groups of guests, or even just getting together with an old friend. Head over to Hakkasan before August 31st to check out their reasonably priced, delicious vacation on a plate, the Ling Ling menu.

Hakkasan – Website
311 W 43rd St
New York NY 10036

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