While most babies were listening to Baby Bach or Baby Mozart, I was listening to jazz greats like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong. From the time I was born through the time I was four, jazz was just about the only genre of music I knew (then I was introduced to the N’SYNC and my life changed forever). So, naturally, when I found out that I would get the opportunity to pick out an instrument in 4th grade I cannon-balled into the brass instruments that were sitting in the multi-purpose room and emerged with a beat-up, old trumpet. That was almost fifteen years ago now, and my trumpet now sits in some undisclosed location, collecting dust and waiting to be played again. I truly wish I could play, but time constraints, money and the fact that trumpets are loud makes playing a little difficult. But my love of brass hasn’t changed. It’s just that now instead of playing, I listen. And when I found out that Rockefeller Center was hosting a Merry Tuba Christmas I was almost as excited as a kid on Christmas (alright, maybe not that much but it was close). If you don’t know what the event is, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Just feel free to check out the details below.

What is Merry Tuba Christmas

On Sunday, December 14th of this year hundreds of tenor and bass tuba players will assemble in the ice rink at Rockefeller Center (between 49th and 50th streets between Fifth and Sixth). There, they will play Christmas carols, as well as some other crowd favorites and requests. Now, you are allowed (and encouraged) to sing along with the carols but you don’t have to. As for me, I’ll probably just be there taking in the sometimes goofy, sometimes somber notes of the brass players as they fill Rockefeller Center with holiday melodies.

Chris Wilhjelm, conductor of the Goldman band, will conduct the affair and will try to get the most out of the talented musicians that hail from the furthest corners of the United States. Merry Tuba Christmas is one of Rockefeller Centers most historic events (and has been for the past forty years). And, we don’t expect this year to disappoint. So come on down to Rockefeller Center on Sunday, December 14th at 3:30 pm and enjoy free carols and music at The Rink. Have a Merry Tuba Christmas everyone!

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