One Thanksgiving trend I see happening more and more is that people no longer look forward so much to the actual Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the Thanksgiving leftovers. I’m willing to bet people are already thinking about them. Somehow someway there is just something about eating thanksgiving leftovers that I cannot resist. It could be because I love making a mess after all the food is nicely placed in freezer bags and put away but either way, no matter how full I may be, you can bet Im tackling the leftovers about 2-3 hours after eating.

Now for me when I start eating leftovers I don’t just make a plate that is nice looking and where none of the food is touching each other. (Like many of my OCD friends) To me, that defeats the purposes of leftovers. For me, it is all about finding the best use for Thanksgiving leftovers that makes me seem like the fat Picasso come 9:30 at night on a Thursday.

Below you will find my most favorite use for thanksgiving left overs!

The Thanksberry Decker – The best use for thanksgiving leftovers 

What the hell is a Thanksberry Decker? Well, it is the first name for this incredible sandwich that popped into my head. I’ve never been faced with having to name this creation but that is what came to mind so lets roll with it.

So what is The Thanksberry Decker?

The Thanksberry Decker is the best use for your Thanksgiving leftovers. To make a Thanksberry Decker you will need the following

  • 3 Slices of either 7 grain bread or whole wheat.
  • Turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Regular Mashed Potatoes
  • Gravy (depending on if the cook decided to cook the turkey out of all its savory juices)

Now that you have your leftovers, put your toast in the toaster and start warming up your turkey and mashed potatoes in the microwave. When your bread is done being toasted you are going to want to split your mashed potatoes and spread half of it on one slice and the other half on another slice. We do this so that everything stays in place. The mashed potatoes acts like the glue for the bottom and top layer.

Next your going to do the same thing and split your turkey up evenly and place it on top of the mashed potatoes. Then you do the same thing with your stuffing.   By now you might be wondering, what is this 3rd slice of bread for?  Well, the third slice of bread is what makes this sandwich epic. Any sandwich with 3 or more slices of bread is pretty epic. So now take your cranberry sauce and spread that on each side of the 3rd slice of bread. After that your going to take the other half of the sandwich and stack it right on top.

Now the most important part. Take a bite out of this incredibly delicious piece of food art you have just created using thanksgiving leftovers.

Well, I hope you enjoy my favorite use for thanksgiving leftovers. If you have a favorite we would love to hear what it is! Comment below or let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!!

Stay Foodish,


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