When you are on the Lower East Side, you generally want old school Jewish food or dim sum. However, there’s a new kid in town that’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to wait in line or isn’t down for Chinese food.  The Comfort Restaurant & Bar, is the heaven-sent answer to all of your family gatherings. Comfortable atmosphere, check. Wide menu, including options for Grandma and your 3 year old nephew, check. Takes reservations, check. Katz’s pastrami sandwich, check. Wait, what?

The Comfort Restaurant and Katz’s Pastrami

That’s right, The Comfort Restaurant & Bar (sister restaurant to Midtown’s Comfort Diner) is the only restaurant outside of Katz’s itself that is allowed to serve Katz’s pastrami in a sandwich. Owner Ira Freehof pioneered the Jewbano and the taste was so great that Katz’s lent its world famous pastrami to the place’s signature sandwich.

Lower East Side Food, The Jewbano

Lower East Side Food

The Jewbano is an edible homage to the Lower East Side’s greatest hits. It’s made from Katz’s pastrami, pickles from The Pickle Guys, home roasted turkey, Swiss cheese and mustard all layered atop a Kossar’s Bialy bulka roll and grilled in a press until the cheese is melty, the bread is crunchy, and the pastrami is meltingly tender and juicy. Aunt Suzy is on a diet? No problem, she can enjoy a huge Greek salad or quinoa kale bowl. The za’atar spiced beet dip with goat cheese, pistachios, and bagel crisps is more sophisticated than you would imagine from a diner – it’s a winner from the bar snacks menu. Yes, you heard that right – the bar snacks menu. As in, a bar with a full liquor menu. Finally, what you REALLY need from a family get together: the right to a Moscow mule. The vibe is friendly, the service is excellent, the food is sensational, and that Jewbano is not to be missed. It’s a slice of history in a comfortable setting – with booze. Welcome, The Comfort. We’ve been waiting for you.

Do you have a favorite spot for Lower East Side Food?  Let us know so we can add it to our list of places to visit.

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