As Eat Up New York’s healthy eater I strive to find the healthiest ways to live in this food capital. But without the right resources, it can be very difficult to find healthy restaurants, events, or even just a supportive community to keep you motivated.

Figuring out how to be healthy in this city can end up being stressful, completely reversing all of your healthy efforts! Not to worry though, because Cami Arrow, a NYC Wellness Concierge, promises to make your healthy goals reachable.

As your NYC Wellness Concierge, Cami offers a highly curated and personalized service to connect you to your wellness wants within the city. She will connect you to all the resources that make your visit or relocation to New York in tune with your health goals and the level of wellness practices you keep for your system to “flow and glow.” She does so by mapping out all that you are interested in within the world of wellness. Having been integrated into the pulse of the NYC Wellness scene for over a decade, Cami will naturally guide you to the highest quality services.

*Following an initial detailed consultation, all packages receive a meticulous and personalized list based on your location and desires.

Here are three NYC Wellness Concierge packages offered:


We begin this package with a consultation taking a look at what would make your time in NYC most fulfilling for your health and wellness needs. Are you looking for a yoga class with top international teachers near Gramercy? Are you interested in eating only at the tastiest and most pure and sustainable restaurants in the city? Would you rather spin class your way to wellness and juice your way around town? A curated list will be offered based on your personal choices. This package will save you searching for where to go and spend the time enjoying and fully appreciating how much this city has to offer. An hour long consultation and your detailed curated list is $250.


We begin this package with the same in-depth consultation as the Explorer, also receiving a curated list. For the Voyager, as your concierge, I will make your dinner reservations at the best organic restaurants, book your massage, acupuncture, spa treatments, or whatever healing service you so desire. I will purchase your tickets for your choice of the mind-body-spirit activities around town. I will aid you in having the most fun and the most flow.


With this VIP package, you will get all of the above, plus I will also act as your personal tour guide within the city. I can walk you on a tour of the wellness locations in your area. I can be your subway support guiding you within the maze of the New York City subway systems, getting you from one destination to the next. I will help keep your schedule flowing smoothly so that you can feel relaxed and at ease moving through this energetic city. Limited availability.


Welcome to your new New York home! Whether you are moving to us from somewhere far away or are shifting neighborhoods within the city, having your wellness requirements on track, will make the “feeling right at home” process much quicker. And as we all know, moving is uber stressful and getting your wellness on will soothe some of that stress away. Please allow me to help melt the tension by supporting your transition.

I will aid you in finding all the above services and extras just for the New York City resident such as:

  • holistic realtors
  • interior designers and other home balancing modalities
  • green home cleaners and dry cleaners
  • integrative doctors, dentists and naturopaths
  • csa’s (community supported agriculture) shares
  • local food coops
  • private chefs
  • wellness meet-up groups
  • and much more based on your wishes.
  • Both Elemental and Expansive packages are available upon request.

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