Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar is easily my favorite “Go-To” spot in Washington Heights.  They have great deals and food that isn’t fussy.

How Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar and I Met

On my first trip to Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar I went for their brunch. They have a great selection of brunch fare with everything from eggs to French toast and burgers.  Nothing says “Best First Impression Ever” than receiving  a complimentary Bloody Mary with my morning burger, which was all a girl can hope for. Online they advertise an $18 brunch special that includes one entrée and unlimited drinks, now that sounds like a deal!

The burger at Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar is, by far, one of my favorites, which comes on a toasted brioche bun. As for fries, they have many options all of which are amazing, between the regular, sweet potato and the yucca. Oh, and add the garlic! The fries are so good you’ll have to suggest that everyone gets an order or you will find that yours quickly vanish as friends sneak in bite after bite. Another small detail, I love the ketchup they use at Locksmith Wine &  Burger Bar! I’ve asked and they don’t make it in house but it has a really awesome flavor that almost tastes like cinnamon, you’ve got to try it.

Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar

On Sundays, and various other big game days, they will use the projector to play the game. They even play the volume of the game, which not all sports bars do. Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar does great wing and beer deals on these nights, so good that I always order way too many wings because of how excited I get. They have only about 4 beers on draught but almost always have Brooklyn Lager and a variety from the brewery around the corner, Dyckman Beer Co. With their happy hour deals you can try out these local brews for as cheap as $3!

During the weekdays Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar is calm and quiet, but during the weekends it can get going a little more, something for everyone. Locksmith is the perfect spot to get together with friends and hang out for a while. The inside is small and cozy and the kind of place I could easily hang all day.

Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar

4463 Broadway
New York, NY 10040

Check out their website for more detail 

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