By now you have most definitely seen and heard of avocado toast. The cado toast trend has been around for the last several months and some of you may even say that is “so 2014.” Even though avocado toast has been over used and has blown up nearly everyone’s Instagram feed, there are still so many people I meet that haven’t tried it. They either don’t understand why avocado is used for something other than guacamole, they don’t know how to make it or, they live in a far away land where avocado is hard to get.

First Step is admitting you have an Avocado Toast Issue

To be honest with you I probably eat avocado toast at least 4x a week. It is the easiest “go-to” when you are hungry and it’s absolutely affordable for the Manhattan budget. My fiancé, Jordan, probably gets sick of hearing me say “we need more avocado,” and “Can you help me pick out which avocados feel ripest?” or “Do you want avocado with that?”  But I can’t help it – I am addicted.

This is How I Avocado Toast

I want to share with you my favorite way to eat avocado toast. For starters I pick out what bread I am looking to make it on. Either whole wheat, a bagel, a bialy, english muffin, etc. I always keep Ezekiel Bread in the freezer. It is one of the healthiest options out there as it is sprouted whole grain bread. I find mine at Whole Foods but see it in nearly every grocery store.


Take the bread and toast it to your liking. You will want the crust to be crunchy though – it just tastes better. As your bread is toasting cut your avocado in half. Keep the half with the pit for later and begin to slice the other half so it is easy to mash.
Avocado Toast
When your bread is done take your half an avocado and gently mash it on top of your bread. Add a fried egg, chili pepper, sea salt, anything! And boom! You have just made yourself some avocado toast. If you want to get real fancy, you can contact me and I will share some of the more “advanced” ways to eat avocado toast.

A tip for keeping your other half of the avocado fresh – save the skin from the half you ate and cover the avocado. Wrap in saran wrap and put in tupperware in refrigerator until you’d like to eat next.

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