Kitchensurfing is the kind of idea where you think, god why didn’t anyone think of that sooner? Kitchensurfing is bringing the luxury of a professional chef to your own tiny kitchen for the right price. On top of that the chef is in and out the door, leaving your kitchen sparkling clean, all in just 30 minutes. The chefs bring all the ingredients and kitchen tools, so no need to be embarrassed that you still don’t own a knife or a baking sheet. For around $25 per person you will get a ton of delicious and homemade food right in the comfort of your own home.

Kitchensurfing for Father’s Day in NYC

For Father’s Day Kitchensurfing has prepared some amazing steak and potato dinners for your fam. There is no place in Manhattan where you could get a steak dinner for this price. Even cooler, the first 25 people who book a Kitchensurfing chef for Father’s Day will receive a complimentary bottle of Mouth Brandy! You can book your chef up to one week in advance so to get the hook up on this deal book your father’s day dinner on June 14th.

I was lucky enough to get to taste test one of these amazing Father’s Day meals, and I have to be honest the experience blew my mind. One of the hardest parts for me about hosting a dinner is stressing over cooking while also trying to make sure everyone is comfortable and has a drink in hand. Having a chef totally take care of the cooking allowed me relax with a cocktail and catch up with friends. I think this service would be ideal for any night of the week, but particularly after a long day when you really need some comfort food without the work.

Our Kitchensurfing dinner

The menu for my first Kitchensurfing experience was a new take on steak and potatoes, perfect for dad! I had a seared NY strip steak with watercress Chimichurri sauce, purple potatoes with avocado aioli, and a spring panzanella salad with arugala, peas and asparagus. The sauce on the steak was bright, fresh and a little spicy. I always love a panzanella salad and this one did not disappoint. But by far the favorite was the potatoes. These potatoes have crispy skins and were super salty and with the addition of the avocado aioli, pure deliciousness.

Kitchen Surfing4Kitchen Surfing5Kitchen Surfing

Check out all of the menus online.  You can even book a chef the same day! And don’t forget, June 21st is Father’s Day so think about treating dad to a beautiful chef prepared meal at home with Kitchensurfing!

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