After Julie wrote up about how awesome Hungery’s  NYC food delivery was I was intrigued for myself. As much as I am a fan of pub food, I also have been known to dabble in some health food crazes here and there… shocking, I know. So Julie and I were both thrilled when we actually got to test out lunch from Hungery last week!

Hungery NYC choices

Each day Hungery NYC Food Delivery offers two different lunch options, one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian. I went for the non-vegetarian option and Julie the other.

My lunch was steamed shrimp on a bed of farro, kale, feta, mint and microgreens, and some lemon vinaigrette to top it all off. The dish was filling and fresh, the mint and dressing added a total brightness to the meal. And as we know, I can eat a lot but even after this healthy lunch I was feeling totally satisfied.

Hungery NYC Food Delivery

In my lunch box option also came some of Hungery’s signature Amazeballs, these ones were the PB + C flavor as well as some refreshing blueberry mint ice tea. The Amazeballs are little balls of oat and peanut butter that totally saved me from that 3pm wall that usually has me grabbing for more caffeine. Instead this burst of protein and a little sugar kept me going for the full workday!

Hungery NYC Food Delivery Vegetarian Options

Here’s what Julie had to say about her vegetarian meal of zucchini linguine, edamame, roasted broccoli, chickpea cakes and tahini dressing:

Hungery NYC Food Delivery

“Always concerned my lunch will never fill me up, I was pleasantly surprised with my meal from Hungery NYC Food Delivery. The portion size was perfect. I filled up on the zucchini and squash noodles and chickpea cakes and probably should’ve stopped there, but the Amazeballs were too good to turn down. The entire meal tasted fresh and light and left me feeling full, yet healthy. I wasn’t stuck with that bloated, greasy feeling that usually comes with an unhealthy lunch. I was also really impressed with the presentation as well as the containers themselves. Its obvious that a lot of thought goes into preparing each individual meal.”

We Love Hungery NYC Food Delivery!!  If you would like more information on Hungery NYC check out their website

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