As I sit here eating my delicious lunch, contemplating on what to write about next, it suddenly occurs to me that I have yet let our readers in on my absolute favorite fast casual, healthy, and high quality meal in the city. My deepest apologies, but better late than never?

Eons Greek Food for Life

Located at 34th and 2nd avenue in Murray Hill, in a neighborhood that was desperate for some high quality, healthy grub, Eons stepped in to save the day with healthy and affordable fast casual Greek food. The mission of Eons is “to provide great quality healthy Greek food for everyone at an affordable price at a fast pace.” Chef George Georgiades has led some of the best Greek kitchens and is thrilled to bring Eons to NYC.

Working with the cuisine he grew up on, Chef Georgiades specializes in grilled seafood and seeks out the freshest and  the most flavorful ingredients for his interactive menu. George Georgiades has come full circle. He first became interested in cooking as a boy, helping his mother make Greek pastries for her catering business. After years spent in a variety of kitchens, he finds himself leading the kitchen in a restaurant of his own beloved Greek heritage. “Simple cooking is the best cook,” says Georgiades, “A beautiful grilled seafood dressed only with olive oil, fresh herbs and lemon, or a classic grilled octopus- these are the dishes that are the essense of Greek cooking”. Beyond using the best and most sustainable ingredients at Eons, Georgiades believes in another element that makes a good chef- he says, “Loving what you do is most important”. And he most certainly does.

So Much to Choose From at Eons

Eons is all about endless choices, so for those bad at making decisions, make sure to check out their menu before heading over. First you choose between pita, rice bowl, or salad. Next choice is protein – Chicken, Lamb, Steak, Pork, Shrimp, Salmon, Octopus or the Veggie option, which is your choice of three veg sides instead of two. The animal protein options are almost all hormone and antibiotic free, and mostly organic, locally sourced, and wild. Be sure to ask if you’re interested! Now it’s time to choose your sides. If you went with an animal protein, you’ll have your choice of two sides and a topping to dress your meal.


Honestly, you can’t go wrong at this point. The gigante beans, lentils, beets, Greek salad, chickpeas, and farro salad are my personal faves. Ok you caught me, I just named all of them… But I will say as far as spreads go, there is one that stands out amongst the rest: the Garlic Spread. It’s absurdly delicious and I’d buy it in bulk if they sold it. Eons did you read that? Please make my dreams come true. And after all of those decisions, you’re finally to ready to relax and enjoy your meal.

Eons uses top notch ingredients, as well as eco-friendly and organic choices when possible. Their hope is to shift the food industry towards a more sustainable direction by making better choices for the environment. If you’re in the area I recommend getting over to Eons ASAP.

Eons – Website
633 Second Avenue (34th Street), New York, NY

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