As a millennial I’m not ashamed to say that I generally get my food recommendations off of Instagram. However, my mom is not so gen Y and goes old school with New York Times reviews. When she was sitting and reading through the paper (reminding me that I should get off my phone and probably do the same) she came across Delice and Sarrasin. It’s a rarity when my mom has somewhere that she’s dying to go to so I figured this place must be good.

Delice and Sarrasin New West Village Addition

At that moment I made my Open Table reservation and the next morning we set out for brunch. Delice and Sarrasin is still a relatively new (and undiscovered) spot so I probably didn’t need a reservation but if I were you, I’d go before it blows up and is impossible to get a table at. The second we walked in I knew that this cute little French restaurant in the West Village would be great.

Of course I was stressed about ordering at Delice and Sarrasin, because when am I not? We knew we were going to split one savory crêpe and one sweet crêpe, but which to get? To ease my stress I ordered an iced coffee and took a breather.

I then proceeded to ask the waiter for recommendations. When I found out he was also vegetarian I immediately said “surprise me” because I trusted his veggie judgment. Let me tell you his decision was on point. We had the Delice and Sarrasin “galette” (which is their fancy way of saying a crêpe made with buckwheat flour) that was filled with zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, goat cheese and some other cheese that I couldn’t quite place.


Coming in right as we finished up our savory crêpe and were in need of something sweet was the “Banane” crêpe. You can honestly never go wrong with bananas, dark chocolate and whipped cream. My only complaint was that it wasn’t exactly FILLED; However, my mom told me that’s the French way to eat, where you just get a little taste of everything.

If you want to pretend you’re all fancy and cultured, or if you just want some good crêpes make your way over to Delice and Sarrasin.

Delice and Sarrasin

Delice and Sarrasin – Website
20 Christopher Street, NY, NY

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