Planning my commute around the Grand Central Market.

Hoping to find some dinner to bring home to my family, I stopped by Grand Central Market on my commute home. In keeping with one of my New Year’s goal, the hunt to cook new things was on! A beautiful display at Spices and Tease drew me in like a moth to a flame. I’m absolutely a tea person and just eyeing the array of blends was enough to soothe me on this freezing winter day!

Grand Central Market

I was most certainly impressed with the selections at the 2 fish markets. I chose to shop at Wild Edibles, who clearly labeled if  their fish were wild or farmed and where they were from. Wild Edibles boasts new fish delivered every day and they return what is not sold to the retailer at the end of each business day. After hearing my mom claim last week that as a child one of my favorite foods was “fish cakes,” (as opposed to crab cakes) I decided to try out their cod cakes for dinner. The woman at the counter assured me that they were delicious.

Grand Central Market

Is there Produce at the Grand Central Market?

Another spot I decided to check out at the Grand Central Market was “Farm to Table” by Eli Zabar.  The name of the place seems to imply something local, sustainable and seasonal foods, however when I looked around I saw star fruit, heirloom tomatoes and strawberries. Needless to say, it is not strawberry season and you won’t find star fruit at your local farmers market. I’m pretty disappointed to report that I think the title “farm to table” is being used as a marketing technique and holds no actual resemblance to local, sustainable food. On the Grand Central Market website here’s what they have written about Eli Zabar’s Farm to Table, “The freestanding fruit and vegetable market showcases Eli Zabar’s long-term commitment to the seasonal, organic, sustainable practices of farmers in the tri-state area. To ensure customers have what they want and need everyday, produce managers select fruits, vegetables and flowers from established vendors around the United States, South America and the world.” I see this statement as very contradictory and complicated, so if you are looking for some New York fresh produce I would suggest checking out the selection at the greenmarket instead.  You can read a prior blog go mine about tips to shopping at your local Green Market.

I won’t be stopping at Grand Central Market again with the intent of purchasing produce, but when I’m in need of a quick dinner to bring home, I know I’ve got a few options before I hop on the train.

How did the Dinner turn out you ask?

As a followup to my trip the Grand Central Market, the woman at the counter of Wild Edibles was dead on when she said the cod cakes were delicious.  They did not skimp on the fish meat and were very well seasoned, lots of cumin! I made rice pilaf and served the cakes on top with lots of lemon juice and roasted asparagus. The meal was even approved by my father who is notorious for making himself a separate dinner from the “girl food” my mom and I eat.

Grand Central Market

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