For 15 years, locals and tourists from all over have made their way to the Chelsea Market, one of the largest indoor food halls, known for its high quality vendors and gourmet food (as well as crazy and unavoidable crowds).  But as of this month, a new kid on the block is quietly making its presence known in the Meatpacking District and will convince you to stray away from the norm.

I hereby introduce to you The Gansevoort Market – Great Addition to the Meatpacking District.

I had the pleasure of exploring this brand new food hall this week and walked away feeling both incredibly satisfied and utterly confused. Satisfied by every local taste I tried, but confused as to why not everyone in NYC knows about this food heaven!?

Whether you’re looking for a local taste of New York or just a peaceful getaway from the office, look no further than the Gansevoort Market. This brand new sprawling food hall is slowing making its Grand Opening in the heart of the Meatpacking District. With over 20 food vendors in this 8,000-square-foot warehouse, you’ll be sure to find something to please your palate. A few standouts you do not want to miss include:


Dana’s Bakery, putting a unique twist on the traditional macaron (Don’t let a flavor like Sweet Potato scare you off! It’s well worth it. Trust me.),


Dana's Bakery in Gansevoort Market

Sweet Potato Macaron! So Delicious

Assortment from Dana's Bakery in Gansevoort Market

Beautiful Collection













Pig Guy NYC, home of the famous Pulled Pork sandwich


Pulled Pork with HomeMade Coleslaw on Texas Toast

Pulled Pork with HomeMade Coleslaw on Texas Toast

and for a healthier bite try FeelFood, serving up a lighter twist on Latin food.  And over at Organic Gemini, they’ll convince you that our Paleo ancestors had it right all along with the underrated super food the Tiger Nut.

Gansevoort Market - Great Addition to the Meatpacking District

Tigernut Horchata from Gemini

Well after making (several) rounds of the market, sampling here and there, I finally chose a hearty vegetable soup from Heermance Farm Purveyors and made my way over to the beautiful 60-person dining area, which sits beneath a bright skylight covered with an instillation of more than 2,000 vines. (Which I later found out came from Long Island, and was harvested over several months by local sculptor Charlie Baker of Baker Structures and woven together to cover the 18-foot exposed brick walls) Not a bad setting for my late Monday lunch!

Gansevoort Market - Great Addition to the Meatpacking District

Dining Area inside the Gansevoort Market

After schmoozing with my fellow lunch mates, we all agreed that this lovely market is the perfect place to grab a local taste of New York, indulge in some people watching, and simply enjoy a break from the crowds around the corner, while still getting a one of a kind NYC experience.

As its presence is slowly making itself known in the Meatpacking District, here’s your chance to be one of the first of your friends to try it, even before it starts trending on Instagram!

Stay tuned for a closer look at my favorite vendors and how they’re standing out amongst the crowd.

The Gansevoort Market – 52 Gansevoort St. (212-242-1701) 9 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.

Gansevoort Market - Great Addition to the Meatpacking District

Dojo Sushi

Gansevoort Market - Great Addition to the Meatpacking District

Tacombi – Great Taco’s

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