As for my next stop on my pizza quest I was thrilled to head to Pizzetteria Brunetti to try out their new seasonal pizza. Pizzetteria Brunetti is nestled in the West Village. The décor inside is rustic and the wood oven makes the entire restaurant warm and inviting.

For two of us we decided that one appetizer and 2 pizzas would be enough food, and we were right. Bring your appetite because there is no way you are going to be able to try just one pizza at Pizzetteria Brunetti! In fact I’m already thinking about the other mouth-watering options that I’m hoping to try next!

Meatballs at Pizzetteria Brunetti

For an appetizer you have got to order the Meatball sliders. Not only are they delicious but $10 for two large sliders is a great deal. The meatballs are a family recipe and the love and attention comes through in these delicious bites! The sliders are also topped with goat cheese and pepper sauce all served on a house made brioche bun, yum!

Pizzeteria Brunetti

The seasonal pizza for this spring is a creative lamb pizza that is topped with béchamel, Gorgonzola, peas, mint and of course lamb. The first thing you’ll notice about the pizza is the distinct crust and flavor that comes with pizza made in a wood oven. It is truly in a league of its own. The crust has just the right amount of crispiness while the majority of the pie still has a good chew. The Gorgonzola wasn’t over powering even for my boyfriend who isn’t a fan of the stinky stuff, but for me a huge blue cheese fan, it was the perfect amount of funk. The peas and mint keep the béchamel from feeling too heavy and bring freshness to the pie. This pie was multidimensional and unforgettable, a must try while it lasts!

Pizzeteria Brunetti

Carbonara at Pizzetteria Brunetti

The second pie we ordered was the carbonara pizza, as one of my favorite kinds of pasta I knew I needed to try this pie! Although the carbonara pie used to only be available at brunch, it is now going to be a special to stay at Pizzetteria Brunetti. Another cream sauce pie certainly had us feeling decadent that night, but what’s not to love about crispy pork, egg and cheese on a pizza? Some of the sauce started to leak out of my folded slice, but not to worry the lost sauce was the perfect addition to the crust after I thought my pizza was totally gone!

Pizzeteria Brunetti

Pizzetteria Bruretti even delivers! Check them out on Seamless and enjoy fresh wood oven pizza from the comfort of your own couch! I know I’ll be ordering these pizzas for a gourmet night in very soon!

For more information on Pizzetteria Brunetti check out their website.

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