After dinner in St. Marks the other night, I (naturally) had a craving for something sweet. Hoping for something on the healthier side, I was pleased to turn the corner and find DF Mavens. This non-dairy ice cream alternative, that proved to be just as good as any ice cream, opened its first brick-and-mortar shop late last year on the corner of 2nd avenue and St. Marks. Previously, the company had been selling pints of their beloved dairy free products throughout NYC in stores including Whole Foods since 2013.

DF Mavens Options

Their ice cream, which uses a base of soy, almond, or coconut milk, is available by the scoop in 15 different flavors like mint almond cookie, Sicilian hazelnut truffle and Madagascar vanilla bean. DF Mavens also rotates 11 new flavors, which will be exclusive to the store for now. All of their flavors and their toppings, including waffles cone pieces, are also gluten free. They’ve recently expanded their menu to include savory items, like health bowls, hot soups, as well as beverages such as fresh juices, espresso drinks and kombucha.

DF Mavens in the East Village

DF Mavens hits home for the newer generation of East Village residents, as the dairy free and vegan lifestyle becomes more and more popular. They are committed to serving their community with dietary friendly products as well as being totally Kosher certified. They even hire vegan friendly staff, with a staff member acting as a resident vegan each shift, according to their press release.

During my visit there I started by sampling almost every flavor (Everyone does this right?). Lucky for me it wasn’t too crowded and the staff was incredibly friendly and happy to help me while I carefully made my decision. Some of my top picks include cardamom pistachio, mint almond cookie, key lime crème pie, but that night I went with a classic of chocolate and vanilla. Though not the traditional dairy laden treat, this unique and healthier alternative still got me all nostalgic thinking about those past summer days with a swirl cone in hand and not a care in the world.

As it continues to get warmer out, it’s nice to know that healthier alternatives to my favorite summer treat exist here in the city. I look forward to going back to DF Mavens all summer long to satisfy my sweet tooth, as well as cool me down.

Do you have any favorite summer treats? Let us know where we should go next!

DF Mavens – Website
133 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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