I’ve never been one to have many apps on my smart phone.  I don’t really like phone games and I feel like apps are just a waste of the space on my phone. I would rather have that space for more music. However, there are a few food apps that have managed to stay on my phone because they are helpful with my favorite thing, food! Here are a few of my favorite food apps and drink related apps.

Seafood Watch

I’m hyper aware of the issues of sustainability particularly related to over fishing. Seafood watch helps you do a little more good for the environment while still being able to eat your seafood dinner.  With a quick search, while at a restaurant or the fish market, you can get advice on which fish to order and from what region. To download the Seafood Watch Food Apps, in the iTunes App Store, download here


None of these apps are just for recipe finding because honestly I’ve found Google or Pinterest more helpful for things like that.  But I’ve found mixologist helpful for the moments with unexpected company or even wanting to make a new cocktail for myself. You type in the ingredients you already have at home and then Mixologist suggests cocktails for you. Voilà! You’re ready to entertain!

Matchbook – Food Apps

Everyone I know has a restaurant list, some mentally, some in their phone and some even in excel.  I’m talking about those lists of the places you want to eat at next and don’t want to forget.  Have you ever had those moments when someone suggests a restaurant but you just cant remember if you’ve gone before or even if you liked it? Matchbook helps to solve these problems.  It lets you enter your list of restaurants and keeps them in an updating list of which ones are closest to you! So next time you’re at a friends place and they ask if you want to go out, just look in your matchbook and check what’s closest on your list.  To download the Matchbook food apps in the iTunes app store click here

Instacart – Food Apps

For those of you who are addicted to Whole Foods, or love the bulk buying of Costco, check out Instacart! Instacart allows you to order your favorite items from Whole Foods, Costco, and a few other places to deliver at a low price to your home. Delivery starts at just $3.99 and your first delivery is free! Why not try it out! To download the Instacart food apps from the iTunes store click here

Wine Events

Wine Events is the app I go to when I have a date night coming up or a friend coming into town.  Wine events shows you, like you would expect, all of the wine related events going on in your area, there are so many! It also lets you know how pricey different ones are, keep your eye out for free tastings! To download the Wine Events drink apps from the iTunes store click here

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