I couldn’t be happier that beach season is finally upon us! Whether you’re an experienced beachgoer or a DFD (Down for the Day), this beach bum has found everything you need for the perfect day in the sun and sand.

The Beach Bag

Beach in NYC
First thing’s first. You’re gonna need a beach bag. I’ve mentioned before that I use the Vineyard Vines Classic Tote for traveling but I also love it for my beach days. It’s big enough to fit my essentials but small enough to fit in my bicycle basket. It’s also very easy to wipe sand off the canvas. The crab detail on this tote is perfect for summer!

Cooler for the Beach in NYC

Beach in NYC

You’re also going to need a cooler if you are going to the Beach in NYC. This one from Tommy Bahama is perfect to strap on my back while riding my bike and I can roll it down the beach as well. Perfect for storing sandwiches, snacks, cocktails, etc.

You have to have a Coozie

Beach in NYC

Speaking of cocktails, I whaley like this coozie, which is also from Vineyard Vines. An East Coast beach necessity to keep you and your beverage of choice cool.

Bicycle and Basket for the Beach in NYC

Beach in NYC Beach in NYC


My favorite gift this past Christmas was hands down this Huffy beach cruiser that I’ve been keeping at my parent’s beach house all winter. I was finally able to take my first inaugural ride last weekend and it was totally worth the wait! I wish I could keep this beauty in the city but it’s just something I can look forward to using on the weekends!  And if you are going to the Beach in NYC you need a Basket for your beach cruiser.  The Nantucket Basket shown here is the perfect fit!


Beach in NYC


I’m not one to sit under an umbrella (don’t worry, I’ve got my SPF50 on) but if I had to pick one to accompany me then it would definitely be this yellow and white striped one from Target that is brighter than the sun!  And make sure you get one of those cork screw umbrella holders so that you don’t find yourself chasing your umbrella down the Beach in NYC.

Speaker Perfect for the Beach in NYC

Beach in NYC

The bluetooth feature on the wireless Jam speaker lets me keep my iPhone safe and dry in my tote while playing the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack on repeat #sorrynotsorry.  That is how we rock it out on the Beach in NYC!

Beach Chair

Beach in NYC

Tommy Bahama chairs are known for their comfort and durability and I’ve had the same (perfect) chair for a few years now. Most models come with nifty side pockets, cup holders and straps so you can carry on your back.

You Need a Hat for the Beach in NYC

Beach in NYCI have a confession to make. I have an oddly large number of baseball caps and I have my eyes on a bunch from Harding-Lane that I can’t wait to add to my collection! I NEED the American Flag cap which has unfortunately sold out but I will be very happy with this adorable mermaid one. You’ll need one of these caps for sun protection and damage control from excess wind! Your skin and hair will thank you later.


Beach in NYC

The watermelon print on this towel is too cute to resist and there’s even an option to monogram! You can never have too many towels so you might as well stock up on the other great prints from Pottery Barn like these Flamingo  and Seahorse ones

Beach in NYC Beach in NYC

Happy Beachgoing! Don’t forget to # your beach travels with #EatUpNewYork and #FashionEater


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