During the winter months most of us tend to hibernate and stay in close proximity to where we live. When I found out The Happiest Hour opened down the in the West Village I couldn’t wait to take the subway straight down from my apartment.  Thankfully my apartment is right near the subway so walking in the cold was at a minimum.  It doesn’t get any better nor does it get any more convenient for us.

Metro Card Swipe to The Happiest Hour

We headed downtown to The Happiest Hour, after dinner one night, to meet a couple of our friends for drinks. I hadn’t heard much about it before going and went in with a completely opened mind.  Arriving around 9pm the bar was crowded, as expected, but with decent standing room for everyone. There are limited seats though but that didn’t phase us. The vibe of the bar was somewhat of a 70’s feel. “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers was setting the mood as we ordered our first round of drinks. We took a look at the whimsical cocktail menu that was complete with signature & classic cocktails and a couple wine and beer options. I ordered what was called the “best” wine on the menu out of the “good”, “better” and “best” list. It was a pinot noir and after one sip in I knew why it was considered “best” on the menu.

The Happiest Hour

Jordan ordered one of his go-to jalapeno tequila drinks called the Link Ray. It was made with celery, suze, lime, cane and soda. What made The Happiest Hour’s drink menu even more unique was that any signature cocktail was able to be made with different liquor options listed on the menu.

And She is Still Talking about it

A friend of mine, Maya, ordered the Maid To Order. I am pretty sure she is still talking about how amazing and refreshing it was. With mint, cucumber, lime juice and her choice of gin she was certainly having the happiest hour! Another friend ordered the Sazerac with Brandy, Rye, Demerara, Peychaud’s bitters, Angostura bitters in a absinthe-rinsed glass – a complete mouthful of a recipe right there.

The cartoon palm tree wallpaper surrounded us in the bar area. Separating the bar from the dining area was a small wall that still allowed us to peek over to see what the scene looked like. Every table was busy being served a more formal and comforting diner-style cuisine. The food looked solid so next time we head down dining there is a must.

The bar gave off a Californian vibe which was the perfect oasis during a cold February night. With a power team running The Happiest Hour, we expect nothing less. This new West Village hot spot may just become one of our go-to bars in the area.

The Happiest Hour
121 West 10th Street
New York, NY  10011

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