Dough, Doughnut Paradise

Looking for a doughnut paradise? Well you can stop looking! Forget all the places you thought were amazing and head straight to Dough!

For my Birthday, I opted out of your traditional spongy textured sheet cake, passed on the ice cream cake, and even said no to the cupcakes. “Doughnuts! I want doughnuts! Get the ones from Dough!!!” After all, it was my birthday and if I wanted to be a sassy little doughnut diva, I would be.

doughnut Paradise

On Saturday morning I was up before 9am! Lets get something straight; I’m 23 with a full time job, Saturday is my day to sleep in! I’m sure you can appreciate the extent of my love for these fried critters. I got in the car and drove myself to the corner of Lafayette Ave. I took the first parking spot I could find.


NO LINE! (The line started forming after I got there) First things first, how many? “Ill have a dozen” that was easy. Then came the hard part. WHICH ONES!  One of each, except glaze and cinnamon sugar seemed to work out just fine. Grabbed a delicious cup of coffee and a fellow dougher had a hot cider to go. She loved it. Personally, I thought the cider was too spiced but I’m not a huge hot cider fan to begin with. Took a couple minutes to stare at all the bakers through the glass window and went on our way.

Doughnut Paradise

Fighting temptations like a recovering drunk sitting in a bar, I waited till dessert to indulge. Executive decisions were made and everything was cut into quarters so that everyone had a fighting chance to try more than one. I went with three different kinds. Half of a hibiscus, because its my favorite, and then a quarter of the toasted coconut, and a quarter of their “dough of the day” pumpkin doughnut. The stars aligned and my eyes went crossed. If it were legal I’d marry them and then make doughnut babies.

But as a man who follows the law, I just ate them.

No more chitter chatter. They were F@$KING AMAZING. You think I’m exaggerating? Go try them for yourself! Clearly I’m a fan of Doughnuts, and Dough, a Doughnut Paradise, is where I go to get them.

Doughnut Paradise

We only live once so make sure it tastes good!



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