Lucky Strike on Grand Street in Soho

Shopping trips are always fun but can be very exhausting too. I went to Soho with a few friends because we needed to add a few items to our winter wardrobe and after a few hours of shopping we decided to grab a bite to eat. I automatically thought Chipotle because it was directly across from us and I was too lazy to walk anywhere else. One of my friends, however, hates chipotle. (yeah I know what you are thinking and it was my thought exactly) Who hates Chipotle?! Obviously we had to find another restaurant, so she tells us about this restaurant she knows called Lucky Strike on Grand Street and we decided to check it out.

Lucky Strike on Grand Street (full address is 59 Grand Street, New York, New York) is open Monday- Friday from 12pm to 2:30am, Saturdays from 4:30pm to 2:30am and Sundays from 4:30pm to 1am. If you are like me and have to check the menu for restaurants before you eat there, it’s available on the website at

If you are in the mood to grab a burger but also relax with a friend, then Lucky Strike on Grand Street is the place for you. The environment is welcoming and the menu has a variety of options, from mac and cheese to salads. My food of choice has to be the grilled chicken sandwich and fries. This is created to perfection with bacon, arugula, a chicken breast, mayo and tomatoes. Everyone knows bacon just makes everything better. The chicken was juicy and perfectly cooked, and the fries just added to the flavor of the sandwich. It’s hard for me to not have an issue with fries as they are either too hot, too cold, too hard or too soggy but these were perfect. I topped off my order with a glass of sprite, because you can never go wrong with that, it was delicious and I would recommend it to anyone. I’ve heard constant ravings about Grilled Salmon that’s served with Arugula, and Tomato-Basil Vinaigrette, which will definitely be my meal of choice the next time I’m in Soho.

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