Rising temperatures mean the NYC summer season’s approaching. Summer season means mojito season and we want the Best Mojitos in NYC.  A mojito is serious, serious business for Cuban cocktail enthusiasts, and the crafting of one is not to be taken lightly. You can’t just mix rum, sugar, lime and mint together and call it a mojito! If that were the case, babies could make it. The secret is in the balance, the lightness (or heaviness) of the bartender’s hand, and the quality of the ingredients used. Practically every bar and restaurant in the city makes mojitos, so finding the best mojitos in NYC can be a bit of a challenge. You could work your way throughout the city, going from bar to bar in search of that magical mojito that hits the spot (which could be fun). Or…you can start your search right here.

Our List for Best Mojitos in NYC


The mojitos at this East Village spot are so heavenly that they remind you that sometime’s it’s just best to just go to the source. Owned and run by Cuban-born siblings Diana Mastrodimos and Gerardo Perez, Agozar doesn’t just offer one type of mojito; it offers six, ranging from the traditional version made of rum, sugar cane, mint and lime, to the Papa Hemingway, made with Bacardi gold rum. Take a sip on a summer night and you’ll imagine that you’re visiting Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Havana back in the day.

324 Bowery, New York, NY 212-677-6773


Hand-rolled cigars, stellar Cuban music, an extraordinarily friendly staff and out-of-this-world mojitos is what sets this place apart from the crowd.  It is also what earned Guantanamera a spot on our Best Mojitos in NYC list.  Order a platter of ceviche so that it comes at the same time as the mojito, and once everything’s arrived, sip your way to bliss. Guantanmera’s mixologists get it just right; the balance of top-shelf rum, perfectly muddled mint leaves, a sprinkle of bitters and sugar cane make it easy to just order a pitcher for the table.

939 8th Ave, New York, NY 212-262-5354

Ten Degrees Bar

This East Village bar is known for its standout drinks, so it’s easy to think that the mojito here would get lost in the crowd, but it doesn’t. The drink’s magical blend of heady rum and sharp tang, lime, strong fresh mint and a daily two-for-one happy hour that lasts from 12pm until 8pm make this the perfect place to test out your two-mojitos-are-better-than-one theory. And lest you think that the happy hour drinks are watered-down vaporized versions of the regular priced drinks, they’re not.  An 8 hour Happy Hour to try out some of the Best Mojitos in NYC!

121 Saint Marks Place, New York, NY 212-358-8600

Havana Central

If you’ve been braving the Times Square crowds because you had a late meeting at MTV or because your kid insisted on getting that limited edition My Little Pony Zecora doll that can only be bought at the Times Square Toys ‘R’ Us (in-store only!), reward yourself with dinner at Havana Central on West 46th Street between 6th and 7th. When you walk in, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a restaurant on Calle Obispo in Havana. Order up a plate of empanadas and some spicy oxtail stew before turning your attention to the mojitos. The classic version packs a bit of punch, thanks to a recipe that is rumored to include lime wheels, fresh mint leaves, white rum, sugar, grapefruit juice and 7-Up.  Havana Central may be the reason to go to Times Square just to sample one of the best Mojitos in NYC

151 W.46th Street, New York, NY 212-398-7440

Do you think you have a spot that serves the best Mojitos in NYC?  Let us know.

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