Your AC bill is higher than ever.  Your wait for the NQR feels like you’re roasting at 450 degrees, and you’re still patiently waiting for your weekend sunburn to fade into a tan. Yup—it’s summer in New York City. And while it seems the only thing to do about the heat is complain, the only real cure for the sticky New York heat is an even stickier cool treat to cool you down. But before you run to the Mister Softee truck on the corner, you might want to fight the humidity with some unconventional options around the city. Beat the heat with these unique frozen treats, and try not to melt before the ice cream does!



These handcrafted gelato popsicles are almost too pretty to eat! The PopBar storefront is lined with rows of dozens of yummy flavors, all made fresh daily from natural ingredients and real fruit. You can even customize your popsicle flavor with additional nuts, sprinkles, or chocolate dippings. Grab a popsicle by the stick and stroll along the West Village with all the deliciousness and none of the mess. (Check out our previous write up of PopBar)

Frozen Treats in NYC

5 Carmine Street, New York, NY

Frozen S’more

You might know Dominique Ansel Bakery for their Instagram-famous indulgences like the Cronut and the Cookie Shot, but for a cooler frozen treat in NYC, try their frozen s’more! With a vanilla ice cream center, this s’more on a stick is covered with chocolate wafer chips called Feulletine, wrapped in a frozen honey-infused marshmallow, and torched to order.

Dominique Ansel Bakery 189 Spring Street, NY, NY


Victory Garden – Frozen Treats in NYC

This adorable West Village shop will change the way you view a goat. That’s right—their soft serve is made from fresh goat milk sourced directly from local farms. Besides for being lactose friendly, low-fat, and packed with calcium and protein, the goat milk soft serve is perfectly creamy and sweet. Try the salted caramel flavor with their seasonal homemade toppings! Frozen Treats in NYC Victory Garden NYC 31 Carmine Street, NY, NY

Ice & Vice

If you walk into this cutting-edge ice cream shop expecting to order chocolate and vanilla, think again. The experimental handcrafted flavors at this Lower East Side shop are taking over the city. Some of their coolest flavor combos include the “9AM,” filled with French roast coffee, chicory, cinnamon, and donut truffles, the “Movie night” which is buttered popcorn and dark chocolate flakes, and the “Shade,” made with smoked dark chocolate and caramelized white chocolate ganache. Frozen Treats in NYC Ice & Vice 221 East Broadway, NY, NY


Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit – Frozen Treats in NYC

Maybe you’re a healthy eater who regularly indulges in “nature’s candy” as a dessert, or maybe your only fruit intake for the week is a glass of red wine. Either way, you’ll love the soft serve fruit at Chloe’s. Made from only fruit, water, and organic cane sugar, the soft serve flavors are refreshing, sweet, and super healthy. They even have a dark chocolate flavor made from the cacao fruit!

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit
25 East 17th Street, NY, NY


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