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The first time I went here it was to see a concert by the musician Citizen Cope. My main interest was hearing him play music and drink some fine wine.  The food was secondary, however I was pleasantly surprised by just how good the food was. Having been to many concert events over the years my expectations for food at the venues is pretty low.  Dining in the City Winery NYC concert hall was an interesting and fun experience. As for the layout of the room itself, they have some small tables but mostly it’s long tables with strangers sitting next to each other.  This type of seating arrangement can go either way.  You may find yourself chatting up with your neighbors or you may be checking your watch waiting for the torture to end.

I recommend the pizza which is made using flatbread dough.  While there I learned that City Winery NYC has the distinction of having the only pizza dough made in New York City using real wine lees. Wine lees, in case you were wondering, are the accumulated yeast from wine that sits in barrels and are slowly aging. Who could ask for more? Pizza & wine all in one delicious pie. The pies they offer, starting with my personal favorite, are Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh Basil and tomato sauce, Wild Cultivated Mushrooms, sage goat cheese, béchamel and last but not least the Zucchini, aleppo pepper, blossoms, ricotta and alpha tolman pie. The menu also includes pan fried chicken, flat iron steak and crispy tofu. City Winery NYC also offers tours of the winery and has a 30 seat restaurant and tasting room of which I have not yet had an opportunity to enjoy.  I can tell you that after the wonderful experience I had in their concert hall I will definitely make my way back to eat in the restaurant part.  City Winery NYC is a great place to watch a concert, drink homemade wine and eat delicious pizza.

Flatbread Pizza from City Winery NYC

Flatbread Pizza from City Winery NYC

City Winery NYC is at 155 Varick Street, NY, NY

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