Only in New York City can you enjoy your Saturday brunch with a side of drag queen. And only at La Carbonara, located in a prime location on 14th street, can you have both for an affordable price. Between every bite of bacon you’ll be laughing and singing along with the live entertainment provided every Saturday and Sunday at the 2pm show.

A few weeks ago, we decided to check out the entertainment at La Carbonara for my friend’s birthday. Can you think of a better way to celebrate than with unlimited mimosas and Miss Logan blowing you away with her Nicki Minaj performance?

Birthday Brunch at La Carbonara

First plus of La Carbonara is that they take reservations. Anyone who’s ever experienced a NYC brunch on the weekend knows how critical this detail is. Without a reservation, you’re looking to wait for at least an hour. And for large groups, just forget about it. With our reservation made before hand, the 15 of us were able to sit down as soon as we walked in around 1:30pm.

Almost immediately after settling into our seats, our waiter approached with a large mug of mimosas and started filling our glasses. I was pleased with the service already. We quickly looked at the menu, with entrees ranging from omelettes to pastas, and made our selection, eager to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

The one-man(woman?) show started around 2:15 and had me fully entertained from start to finish. This show is certainly for those who can take a joke. Lets just say Miss Logan does not mind calling anyone out. It was all in good fun though, and Miss Logan had everyone smiling.

La Carbonara

Our food arrived soon after the show began, satisfying our hunger, which had certainly grown from all the laughter…and mimosas. Now I won’t lie to you, I probably wouldn’t come back for the food alone. The eggs were fine, and I hear the pasta was okay too. But there is no doubt people come for the show, and now I know why. My description is hardly doing the show justice. Please see pictures for full proof of the absurdity that was this brunch.

La Carbonara

For your next brunch, why not liven things up a bit and get up close and personal with Miss Logan at La Carbonara. She’ll be sure to wake you right up with her take on Mariah Carey’s classics, dancing and singing while you sip on your drinks, entertaining you the whole time. For more information and to make your reservation, check out the La Carbonara website.

La Carbonara


La Carbonara
202 West 14th Street
New York, NY

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