Everyone loves the markets that UrbanSpace opens up all around the city from the Union Square Holiday Market to Mad. Sq. Eats. I’m really looking forward to the opening of this year’s Broadway Bites. Starting June 1st the spring edition of Broadway Bites will open at the intersection of 33rd and Broadway. This spring UrbanSpace is bringing delicious new vendors to Broadway Bites and I can’t wait to try them all out! Here is my list of the top treats I’m excited to try at Broadway Bites.

Zha Pan Asian – K Poppers

Zha is combining some of my favorite foods in their Asiancini! These fried rice balls combine classic Asain dishes with the Italian arancini. They have other flavors like Thai Green Curry Chicken and Beef Bulgogi. They are even doing a Korean version of chicken and waffles, they’re turning scallion pancakes into waffles and serving it along side soy-garlic fried chicken. But the first item I’ll be ordering from Zha is the K-Poppers, Kimchi fried rice balls with honey Sriracha mayo!  For more information on Zha Pan Asian check out their website.

Broadway Bites

The Nugget Spot at Broadway Bites – Cap’n Crunk Nuggets

Eat Up New York has a soft spot for chicken nuggets, I mean literally that soft spot around our bellies was made from chicken nuggets. However hard it may be to believe I have yet to try the famous Nugget Spot, so I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to taste them at Broadway Bites. While I will probably be sampling all of the nugs, I’m particularly looking forward to the Cap’n Crunk Nuggets. These crazy concoctions are coated in a slightly sweet cereal crust and come with spiced butterscotch sauce to dunk in!

Bar Suzette – Smoked Salmon GF Crepe

I’ve heard that Bar Suzette makes some ridiculously good gluten free crepes, and I’m always in for trying something new, so this has definitely made my list! Bar Suzette uses a combination of rice and lentils to make their GF crepe. Their smoked salmon crepe sounds amazing to me, it is filled with smoked nova lox, capers, shallots, market green, dijonaise, lemon and dill. Like the ultimate brunch platter but all on a delicious crepe, yes please!

Broadway Bites


Make sure you check out UrbanSpace’s Broadway Bites from June 1st – July 26th at Greeley Square Park which is at the intersection of 33rd Street and Broadway.  We will definitely be there and hope to see you there too!

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