I try to take my favorite dance class at least once a week. It’s a bit out of the way from where I live, so it’s hard find motivation to make the trek over. But once I discovered that I could pick up my farm fresh groceries all in one stop, I suddenly found a renewed sense of motivation for my workout.

Right from the Local Growers

Farmigo started with a mission to bring the farmer’s market directly to the people who wouldn’t have time to go to the market. They are a small startup with a big mission: To empower people to create a better way to eat, by creating farm-to-neighborhood access to fresh food, benefiting local farmers and bypassing supermarkets. Farmigo wants you to be able to buy the best fruits, vegetables, meats, and artisanal products from local growers and producers no matter what your schedule is like. But to do this, they could not rely on the industrial food system – instead they’ve created their own movement, founded on groups of neighbors ordering individually and picking up together, as a community. They are making the farm-to-neighborhood concept possible and making fresh food more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Jackie, the organizer for the Ripley-Grier Studios pickup location, is giving me a new reason to make it to my dance class. And the process is very simple: create a free account at www.farmigo.com/ripleygrier, begin browsing and choosing your farm fresh goodies for the week, add items to your cart by Sundays at midnight, and pick up your order from Ripley-Grier Studios on the following Wednesday 3:30-6:30pm.

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If the Ripley-Grier Studios location isn’t the most convenient for you, that’s no problem. Simply create a Farmigo account and search for a pickup location using your zip code. There are tons of locations all over the city, even in Brooklyn. Still can’t find one near you? Farmigo also gives you the option of creating your own pickup location. By creating your own pickup location you’ll have access to Farmigo community events with farmers, chefs, and good food advocates from around the world. You’ll also be creating a community of neighbors and bringing fresh food to them, while supporting local farmers. Plus a 30% discount especially for you!

 Farmigo Supports Local Farmers

Though it is warming up outside, and one of my favorite activities is exploring the farmer’s market, I still sometimes prefer planning ahead and being able to choose the exact groceries I want for the week. Farmigo gives me the chance to choose what I want, while staying seasonal and supporting local farmers. Plus, the prices are very reasonable for organic, fresh food. By purchasing this food from local farms, you are helping to create a ripple effect. It helps the environment by cutting out the middle man, it supports the incredibly passionate, hard working farmers in our area, and the food is super fresh, and super healthy.

One of the best parts about Farmigo is that there is no real commitment! It’s free to create an account, and you can order as much or as little as you’d like. Of course, the more people that join the community the better, so as to sustain that deliveries will happen with enough orders being placed each week. So tell your friends, family, and neighbors and get more people involved. The community needs your help to make this happen! And just because I love you, here’s a 40% off of your first order coupon code. Just went FARMIGO40 at checkout, thank me later.

For more information on Farmigo, click here.

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