I think it’s clear I love beer, but I also am a huge burger fan. Burgers are without a doubt one of my favorite foods, and I don’t care if they’re beef, veggie or whatever! When I’m up in Westchester, and I have a craving for a good burger, and a good beer, these are my two go-to spots!

The Craftsman Ale House in Harrison

The Craftsman is a small beer place that also takes their burgers very seriously. On any given day, at any given time, I would rather be at The Craftsman having burgers and beer with my dad than anywhere else. The only thing better than the burger at The Craftsman is their beer selection. The taps and beer selections are constantly changing. The Craftsman organizes their beer menu better than most other places. You’ll easily be able to find unusual beers or ones a little more familiar.

Adventurous Burgers in Westchester

The Craftsman has plenty of adventurous burgers ranging from the Ruben burger topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and pickles to the PBBA burger topped with peanut butter, beer battered apples, and bacon. One of my favorite burgers to order here is their BBQ, which comes adorned with BBQ sauce, a giant onion ring and plenty of cheddar cheese. These burgers are massive, just the way I like them. They also are perfect for sharing if you already filled up on their equally as delicious nachos and chicken wings.

Burgers in Westchester

Beer & Burgers in Westchester – Check out the Craftsman’s Website

Emma’s Ale House in White Plains

Emma’s is off the main drag, of downtown White Plains, but the bar really gets filled with sports fans and beer snobs a like on weekends.

Crazy Burgers in Westchester

Emma’s has some crazy burgers but The Rooney burger has to be my absolute favorite. The Rooney burger has 2 patties, with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. The fries at Emma’s are also some of my favorites! A small detail about Emma’s that makes their food cool it that you get a small ketchup squeeze bottle of your own to douse your burger and fries as you choose.

Burgers in Westchester

Another must try burger at Emma’s is their Emma’s Mac Attack burger which comes on a pretzel bun and complete with bacon and a heaping amount of mac and cheese. If you are looking for something more refined, even though the Mac Attack is pretty refined if you ask me, they have plenty of options for the fancy foodie as well. Their Salmon BLT is killer and their traditional Shepard’s pie is delicious

Burgers in Westchester

Beer & Burgers in Westchester – Check out Emma’s Ale House website

If you find yourself up in Westchester you’ve got to check out these casual and delicious spots!

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