Searching for the best bagels in NYC could turn out to be a never ending journey; However, today I may have ended that journey when I walked into the holy grail of bagel shops. Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company has been serving New York City and Astoria for over ten years.

The second I walked through the doors of the Chelsea location I was intoxicated by the unbelievable aroma of bagel heaven. I had fallen instantly in love with the place. Just from the smell I could tell it was going to be a good bagel and a good day. I arrived there around 8:30ish so it was pretty busy but I was in and out of there in 10 minutes tops. While I waited on line I made sure I knew what I wanted so I didn’t look like a newbie at Brooklyn Bagel. To my surprise they keep their bagel selection limited. Which I like! They do not have a grocery list of unnecessary flavors that appeal to one in a million people. But, and there is always a but, they had a grocery list of spreads to choose from and, for a Brooklyn Bagel newbie, that was overwhelming.

After contemplating what spread I was going to get, the entire time I was on line, it was finally my turn to order. I went with an everything bagel with regular cream cheese. I was going to get it toasted but they told me it was hot off the press so I went with it as is. I continued moving with the line down towards the register to pay and my next move was out the door and on my way to the office to confirm what what my nose has already validated.

When I unwrapped my everything bagel I was, once again, hit with that smell that I encountered the second I had walked into Brooklyn Bagel. It was glorious. The bagel had been cooked to perfection and I had to control my urge to just bite in so I could grab a nice picture of it first. =)

Overall this bagel was incredible down to every last bite! Now to answer the question of “do they have the best bagels in NYC?,” I would very comfortably say that at this current moment….ABSOLUTELY! They have set the bar extremely high for other bagel stores and I will continue the hunt to see if any match up with Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company and claim that title of “The Best Bagels in NYC”

Think you know of a better bagel spot? Let us know and we will put it up to the test!Best Bagels in NYC

Brooklyn Bagel..The Best Bagels in NYC?
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Bagel Selection10
Spread Selection9
  • They Get You In & Out
  • The Bagel Was Hot & Fresh
  • My Stomach Loved Me For It
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  • Overwhelming amount of Spreads
9.8Out of 10
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