A can is not just a can anymore. A can is a piece of the puzzle. A can is a part of an arm. It’s a form of charity.

If you have not heard of this awesome annual event before, you are in for a treat. Canstruction® is in its 22nd year here in New York and there are no signs of slowing down. And since it’s backing such a noble cause, how could there be?

What is Canstruction ®?

Canstruction® takes place in over 150 cities around the world, on 5 continents, and has helped collect over 25 million pounds of food for charity since its start in 1992.

This event is one in which design competitions and the most unique food charity collide. Bringing in teams of students, architects, engineers, contractors and designers, sculptures are created out of full cans of food. These sculptures can be up to 10ft tall and 10ft wide. That’s huge! At the end of the event, all of the cans used are donated to feed the hungry–just in time for Thanksgiving.

The rules and different categories for this event are amazing and really make you appreciate the creativity and design aspects of these sculptures. One of the coolest things that makes this an incredibly unique experience is that the rules and regulations here state that any materials other than full cans of food and temporary adhesives are either discouraged or illegal. That makes things very interesting. If you are not part of a team, make sure to venture over to the exhibition and see the amazing creations.

Don’t forget that this is for a charity event and all donations are greatly appreciated.


November 6-20, 2014. Sculptures can be viewed from 10am-6pm.


The exhibition will take place at Brookfield Place, but audience favorites from previous competitions will be reconstructed in the lobbies of 245 Park Avenue, Grace Building and One Liberty Plaza.

photo via canstruction .org

photo via canstruction.org

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