First Trip to the Belgian Beer Cafe

Recently the Eat Up crew headed over to the Belgian Beer Café. We had high hopes after an online menu scan. The place was pretty filled up by 6pm with an after work crowd. Belgian Beer Cafe was looking like a great place to head with coworkers after a long day. The space is really gorgeous and has lots of vintage accents everywhere that makes it feel special inside.

With beer in the title of the restaurant I was excited about the possible options, but was underwhelmed with only 4 beers on draught. I drank a Hoegaarden and then switched over to a Saison, both were good but nothing on their beer menu was too unexpected or exciting.

We ordered a bunch of their “hoppitizers” for our table to share. A favorite of the night was their hand cut Belgian fries with lemon mayo. Now you’re probably thinking, ok it was French fries, but no, these fries were awesome, crispy around the corners but soft inside, all prefect fries. Next were the grilled beef tenderloin skewers which had a great marinade and were prepared medium rare. We lovingly referred to them as meat sticks all night and they were great, a definite thing to order there.

Belgian Beer Cafe

Incredibly delicious and decadent are the Abbey cheese croquettes. Who doesn’t love fried cheese! And it wasn’t just your average croquette, these were loaded with gooey melty cheese. They also came with a stout mustard sauce, which was a delicious and surprising combination.


Finally, the charcuterie board. Now, I love a platter of meats and cheeses as much as the next guy, but this one might not be worth the price tag. The board consisted of a mortadella, salami and, worst of all, large cubes of deli ham. I would pass on this option next time. I’m really interested in going back and trying some of their mussels, which seemed be a generous serving and came served in a choice of 5 broths.

Belgian Beer Café is a great place to come with a group of coworkers or just meet up with a friend post-work at the bar. I’m hoping next time to look more at their bottled beer menu, which seems to be all imported beers. They also have a pretty sweet lunch prefix that I will be checking out in the near future, keep an eye out for more on the Belgian Beer Café.

Second Trip to the Belgian Beer Cafe

On my second trip to Belgian Beer Cafe I sat at the bar with an old friend and caught up over some beers. Even at 5:30 the bar was packed, though the tables at the restaurant were open. I suggested the croquets to my friend and I went with the fries. Why fix what’s not broken? The food came out quickly and was piping hot. We both ordered the Leffe Blonde that was on tap. The beer was served in a wine glass, which I learned is traditional for Belgian ales. While in the Belgian Beer Café do as the Belgian ale drinkers do! It seems like their draught beers don’t change, so I would definitely suggest the Leffe Blonde for its taste and price.

Belgian Beer Cafe     
       Belgian Beer Cafe
      220 Fifth Avenue – At 26th Street
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