On the first bitterly cold night of the season I found myself on a great food adventure. I’ve been excited about Goa Taco since the pop-up opened late last month but boy did I pick some night to navigate the Lower East Side. I almost missed the tiny pop-up while trying to shield my face from the gusting wind. Inside I found refuge from the freezing temps and nestled into a candlelit corner, next to a bench, covered in faux shearling. There are 2 window benches and a bar where you can watch Duvaldi Marneweck create his delicious masterpieces.

Goa Taco creates a culinary and cultural hybrid between the paratha, an Indian flat bread, and the taco. Although a taco in shape, the Goa Taco is so much more than that. The unique ingredients are what elevate the cuisine making it approved by food snobs and hung over college kids alike. Goa Taco was first popularized at Smorgasbord Jr., the pop up opened in late December and will be open “at least” until January 30th, but Duvaldi is hopeful for it to stay open longer (fingers crossed). UPDATE – Goa Taco is staying until the end of February!  You still have time to get over there.

I asked Duvaldi about the Goa Taco brunch menu, although the pop up is not open during traditional brunch hours, the brunch taco spoke to me the most. He told me that the brunch taco actually is how the whole idea started, as a hang over food for friends. The story only convinced me more, the brunch taco was my destiny. The brunch taco is filled with bacon, a sunny side up egg, tomato and basil aioli. The basil in there really was the game changer for me that gave some brightness to the deliciously greasy taco. Other favorite options included the pork belly and the lamb shoulder tacos. Along with my taco I drank local Greenport Harbor beer, which is on draught and pairs perfectly with the taco.

Goa Taco Goa Taco Goa Taco

I strongly suggest you make the trip to Goa Taco and check it out before it closes. (Update  – Now open through the end of February)With tacos priced between $7 and $9 what’s not to love?  And they’re open late too!! Chat up Duvaldi when you’re there he is super friendly and talented!

Goa Taco

Check out the Goa Taco website for more details

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79 delancey st, new york, ny
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