Hidden on Thomas Street in Tribecca, Bar Cyrk is a restaurant that must be uncovered. When you walk into Bar Cyrk you’re not entirely sure what you’re getting yourself into. The bar is elegant and classy with a menu of trendy bar food.

If you couldn’t tell by the name, the restaurant has a circus theme running throughout to reiterate the theme that both NYC and life are a circus. As we looked through the menu there were plenty of things we wanted to order, after asking for suggestions we decided to begin with the “The Knife Thrower” and “The Acrobat.” The knife thrower is a grilled cheese sandwich sampler, each square of grilled cheese is slightly different from one another. One had roasted tomato, one white truffle and the last was crispy chicken skin. All three were delectable and just the right size to pop in your mouth. They also stood out to me because of the bread they were on, it was not your average white or wheat bread but some what of a corn bread, giving the sampler a nice touch. The acrobat traditionally is ginger chicken dim sum dumplings but seeing as I’m a vegetarian they were happy to change up this dish for me making it veggie style. My friend stuck to the original version and we both thought the dumplings were one of the best parts of the meal.

As we moved into the main portion of our meal we both knew we wanted pizza, but with so many options we couldn’t decide what to get. Thankfully, Bar Cyrk offers “The Circus Wagon” which is a 26-inch long Roman style thin crust pie. Due to it’s immense length we were allowed to get four different signature pizza toppings on it. We chose the Ringmaster (traditional 3 cheese pizza) Circus Ball (mushrooms, truffle oil and grated parmesan cheese), Spinning Plates (spinach and artichoke), and a new option with spicy eggplant. Of the four I’d have the say the Spinning Plates was my favorite, but all of them were top notch. Although we probably could have finished the whole 26-inch pie, we had to save a little room for dessert but we did more damage than our waiters (or anyone sitting near us) had expected

Although we were struggling to breathe at this point and our pants were unbuttoned, we had to finish strong with dessert. We opted for a French toast banana bread pudding and a chocolate hazelnut mousse. The French toast banana bread pudding was just sweet enough to hit the spot. And the mousse although slightly less fluffly than a regular mousse reminded me of my mom’s chocolate cake batter which we scooped up with the long sugar cookies served with it.

The food was great at Bar Cyrk, after eating half the menu I can honestly say there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like. Although I wasn’t drinking, the cocktail menu looked awesome and the scene at the bar was great, somewhere I’d definitely return for a nice classy happy hour with friends!

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