Awadh hosted “A Taste of Dum Pukht” on February 3rd and it was a night dedicated to Chef Gaurav Anand’s rendition of a cooking style rooted in ancient Indian culture.

The delicious menu of the night included: Galouti Kebab, Lagan Ki Raan, Awadh Murgh Biryani, Mahi Musallam, and Kurkuri Bhindi. The Mahi dish was deemed the crowd’s favorite as it was in high demand all night. This fish entree is made ‘Dum Pukht-style’ with a mahi fillet seasoned with turmeric and masala.

The plates were paired with drinks like the Gingers Tale, Hari Ghortra, and the specialty cocktail of the night, Indian Summer – Rum, Mango Purée, Club Soda, Muddled Lime, Mint & Fresh Green Chillies.

Chef Gaurav Anand, owner of Awadh, believes he has skilled the Dum Pukht technique to perfection. From the Awadhi region of India, Dum Pukht originated over 200 years ago. Anand’s dishes capture the historical method of cooking, which involves a slow cooking over very low heat. The food spends hours marinating and tenderizing. With the many sauces, spices and herbs, Chef Anand’s food is sure to awaken the palate.

Awadh is one of few Indian restaurants in the area that knows how to recreate the taste of genuine Awadhi ‘Dum Pukht-style’ cuisine and the only place IN AMERICA where you can find it!

Quaint and hospitable are some words to describe the exemplary service at Awadh. The mood was also set with candles and festive music. It is a great place for an intimate dinner or having drinks and food with friends.

Chef Anand also owns two other highly successful restaurants in NYC called Moti Mahal Delux and Bhatti Indian Grill.

If you’re looking for authentic, upscale Indian food in the NYC area, Awadh is the place to be!

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