Within the last few weeks, I had seen this new ice cream place pop up everywhere (and by everywhere I mean all over social media). Because I am the foodie of my group of friends, everyone kept asking me, “Have you been to 10Below yet?” I knew that I wanted to go, but I also knew that I was moving into 10Below’s neighborhood (yes I now am a Chinatown resident) and wanted to go when it was convenient for me.

Be Prepared to Wait for 10Below

I moved in Saturday and was at 10Below Ice Cream on Sunday, shocking I know. If you search 10Below via Instagram, you’ll see a lot of people saying it was “worth the wait” and they mean it. If you’re going to this ice cream establishment at any prime time you’re going to be waiting minimum 30 minutes. To be honest I think it is worth the wait but that’s up to you and your patience to decide.

The line gives you a little time to de-stress and figure out what you want to get. You’ll see plenty of people walking out with their ice cream and you’ll be eyeing each and every one of them. I was torn between the “S’mores Galore” and the “Cookie Monster” but decided to go with the s’mores.10Below NYC Ice Cream

After I ordered at the register I waited a few minutes and my name was called. I figured my ice cream was ready but this was not the case, I was getting a show! They prepare the necessary items to make my ice cream and then poured it out onto a cold plate (assuming its -10 degrees?). I watched it freeze with my toppings mixed in and once it is solidified enough they scraped it off into rolls.

I then proceeded to the topping station where you can get a variety of toppings ranging from fruit to marshmallows to Teddy Grahams (throwback, I know). I was semi overwhelmed and just told him to throw on “the usually s’mores toppings” and he did, I got a fancy torched marshmallow (but my friend was smart and asked for a second), 2 graham crackers and a nice chocolate drizzle. The ice cream was phenomenal, not as heavy as your average ice cream and the toppings paired together well.

After you’ve trekked into the heart of Chinatown, and you’re waiting in line sweating with your stomach growling just remember you’re not just waiting for dessert, you’re waiting for dessert and a show!

10Below Ice Cream
10 Mott Street, New York, NY

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