Finding good sushi in NYC is more of a challenge than I originally thought it would be. Growing up on Long Island, I had my one sushi spot that I always went to and never had to worry about branching out. Yet, being in the city I quickly noticed that not all sushi is created equal. I’ve taken the liberty of sorting through many of NYC’s not so great to give you three top notch sushi restaurants.

My Top 3 Favorites Spots For Good Sushi in NYC

The Loop

I stumbled across this NYC sushi spot via Instagram months ago and had it on my long list of places to try. Thankfully, due to my increased amount of free time post college graduation, I have crossed it off my list.

The number one roll (although technically not really a roll) is their signature “Big Mac”. When they say big they mean it, this comes with four pieces of spicy tuna, tempura flakes, snow crab, avocado and tobiko with sweet sauce sandwiched together between rice. I don’t recommend eating it big mac style because you’re bound to be covered in sauce but in theory its put together so you could bite right into it.


This place is a little higher end sushi in NYC spot, so I tend to only end up here when I’m going out to dinner with my mom. They have two locations, to satisfy your Sushi in NYC cravings, one in Chelsea as well as one on the Upper West Side.

Their main attraction is the crispy rice. If you haven’t seen this yet, you probably live under a rock but that’s okay. I’m happy that I could be the one to introduce you to this trendy sushi dish. It’s essentially a small amount of rice that is deep fried and topped with spicy tuna, shitake and a jalapeno!


Ever since I moved into the city, I’ve been on the look out for a “go-to” sushi in NYC place. Although Hane doesn’t have one signature roll they have a wide variety of reasonably priced sushi. I tend to be a sushi snob and usually go for the special rolls, one of my favorites being the Red Dragon Roll containing eel, crabstick and avocado topped with spicy tuna and glazed with eel sauce and spicy may (it’s a mouthful). However, their regular rolls are definitely worth trying too.

In my quest to never stop eating, I’m sure that I’ll come across a bunch more amazing sushi places but for now, enjoy and eat up!

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