This Pie Is Nuts…Literally

What began as an alternative way to heal a medical condition, has now turned into a pie business spreading so fast around town they’ve already found their way to Bryant Park this winter, which is where I found This Pie Is Nuts! I caught up with Chef Diana last week to talk all things health, food, and of course, our love of pie.

When Diana was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago, she was told that there was no cure, except for some medication that may help. In hopes of avoiding being dependent on medication the rest of her life, she became determined to find an alternative. She knew that one way to control her health was by controlling her diet. And so, following after Hypocrates’ famous saying, “let food be thy medicine,” Diana’s health journey began.

This Pie is Nuts

Chef Diana on duty at Bryant Park

Chef Diana attended the Natural Gourmet Institute, which gave her the knowledge on what truly works best for the human body, even for those suffering with MS and other conditions. Though not sure what to do next, but with the education to support any culinary endeavor, she simply began cooking at home for her family. One day, after baking a dairy free pie for her son, she knew she was on to something. Now, she thought, why not try making an even healthier and dietary friendly pie by leaving out eggs? What about gluten? And so, after 9 months of trial and error, perfection was found. And Ta-Da! This Pie Is Nuts was born.

The Inside Nut Scoop on This Pie is Nuts

This Pie Is Nuts is certified Vegan, certified Paleo, and Gluten Free. But you do not need to have any kind of dietary restriction to enjoy these precious, decadent pies. Each is rich with flavor and nutrient dense, making every stomach happy in every way possible. What Diana wants to stress most about her pies is how truly good they are for you. She put so much thought into every bite, making sure to leave out all the junk, and only include ingredients you and your body will understand. Literally pick up the pie and read the list of ingredients. You’ll be shocked when you know all of them! Try doing that with a store bought pie and I’d be shocked if you knew a single one. She also does her best to keep it local and use nuts, maple syrup, etc., from sources around New York.

With long hours spent baking and selling pies, one would speculate that the business must get stressful, especially around the holidays. But Diana corrected me by explaining that what may be stress in another job, is instead transformed into adrenaline when doing what you love. Diana is using that adrenaline to spread her passion and continue healing herself and others through her pies.

Do not miss your chance to try one of these extraordinary pies! This Pie is Nuts is sold in individual packages, 2-packs, and 4-packs at the Winter Village at Bryant Park through January 4th. (Personal favorites include Sweet Potato, Pumpkin and Coconut) Get ‘em while you can!  You can also check out their website

This Pie is Nuts

This Pie is Nuts


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