After the wonder and excitement of the Untamed Sandwiches Beer Dinner and a little taste at Village Voice Choice Eats, Julie and I had to head to Untamed Sandwiches in Midtown to spice up our lunch hour.

Do you ever feel like a restaurant just gets you, well for me that is Untamed Sandwiches. They are incredibly transparent with their sourcing and the food is made with 100% sustainably sourced ingredients.  All of the meat is free-range raised and all of the produce is organic. They encourage you to ask about the things you’re eating, I respect that. Their sandwiches are curated with thought and care, each ingredient of their sandwiches is bringing something to the party. For this reason, choose one of the menu options and let them handle the rest. Untamed Sandwiches isn’t the place to go and add and subtract toppings. But I can assure you, you’re not going to want to mess with these sandwiches.

More Pepper Jelly Please

After trying their sandwich The Butt at Choice Eats, I knew I had to go for the full order at Untamed Sandwiches for my lunch. The soft ciabatta roll is topped with tender slow braised pork butt, broccoli rabe, pepper jelly, spicy Dijon mustard and sharp cheddar.  Each part of the sandwich really makes it unique but I could eat the pepper jelly by the spoonful all day long!  Unlike the typical sad ciabatta you get at most places, the roll at Untamed was soft, warm and easy to bite but strong enough to keep a hearty sandwich together.

Untamed Sandwiches in Midtown

Julie ordered the Sheemakers Bounty, one of the most creative vegetarian sandwiches either of us had ever eaten. This sandwich is full of charred broccoli, fried almond butter, pickled raisin jelly and cress (like a microgreen).  We didn’t really know what to expect from this sandwich, I mean fried almond butter WHAT? But this was 100% amazing. For vegetarians out there, go to Untamed Sandwiches and be liberated from terrible and flavorless grilled veggie sandwiches that are too often found on menus.

Untamed Sandwiches in Midtown

Gluten Free Options at Untamed Sandwiches in Midtown

If you aren’t eating gluten these days, Untamed Sandwiches has a gluten free roll option but they also just started serving their favorite sandwiches as plates. Each plate comes with a protein, some veggies and served on top of jalapeño cheddar grits, YUM.

My next goal is to get to Untamed Sandwiches for their breakfast! They serve up amazing breakfast on weekdays from 8am-10:30am and all day on Saturdays and Sundays!

At lunch time Untamed Sandwiches can get quite a line but you can also order their sandwiches for delivery! But you’ll have to hide this from your coworkers, out of courtesy of course, because once they see and smell these sandwiches, they will cry into their salads.

For more information on Untamed Sandwiches in Midtown check out their website.

Untamed Sandwiches
43 West 39th Street
New York, NY

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