What started out as a windy winter day in NYC ended up being an awesome day. Around 2:00pm I decided to head down for the first time to Tavern 29 in NYC and see what lunch was all about there. I was not only swept off my feet by their lunch, but everything about Tavern 29 won me over and made me never want to leave.

When I arrived at Tavern 29 you instantly get the feel and vibe of a good ol’ tavern. It had lots of wood, dim lighting, and an awesome playlist being played throughout. I sat at the bar and was instantly greeted by the bartender, given a menu, and told she would be right back. Now, I had already done some recon on the place and knew what I wanted to drink and eat. To say I was prepared would be an understatement.

The Beer

With 20+ draft lines it was a big decision as to what I was going to drink. However what threw me for a loop was on the actual food menus there as they give you recommendations for beer based off that dish. So of course I took the recommendation based off the Tavern Burger I was lining up to order in a  little bit. So what did I go with? Well I started my lunch off with a ice cold Bronx Brewery Rye Pale Ale (on tap I will add). It came out in a nice 16oz mug and it tasted like the nectars of the gods. I’ve had Bronx Brewery’s Rye Pale Ale before but for some reason it tasted so much better at Tavern 29.

The Appetizer

So now that my pallet was nice and coated from my ice cold beer it was time to test the food. I did not want to over indulge and order everything at once so I started with a Poblano Chicken Quesadilla  and left it at that. Within 10 minutes this bad boy came out looking better than ever.  People that know me know that I always take pictures of my food before I even think of biting into it but this time was different. I just could not resist grabbing a piece the second it was placed in front of me and seeing what it was all about. It was everything I could have asked for. Hot, delicious and the perfect amount of flavors and tastes. The Poblano Chicken Quesadilla’s come with a three cheese blend, corn & black bean salsa and (on the side) salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. I have never tried guacamole before but in order to really get the full effect I decided to give it a try. It was delicious.

After my appetizer I ordered another beer which was being used as my intermission break between what was my appetizer and what was going to be my main meal.

Tavern 29 Appetizer
Tavern 29 Appetizer

The Tavern Burger

With a name like “Tavern Burger” you can already tell that it is going to be delicious. The Tavern Burger comes with American cheese, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle slices, served on a potato bun and you can have them with either hand-cut fries, a side salad, sweet potato fries, or parmesan truffle fries. I kept it classic and went with the hand cut fries. Once again my burger came out within no time. They served it on a wooden cutting board and it looked and smelled amazing. Every bite of the burger was delicious. It was cooked to perfection and the garlic aioli added the perfect amount of kick I wanted.

Tavern 29 Burger

Overall Thoughts

Well, I would hands down recommend to anyone that they go check out Tavern 29, if you haven’t already. The service was great and everyone was extremely friendly and what really matters is that the food and drinks were on point! I’m already planning a day to go back there again.

ps. If you work at Tavern 29 and happen to be reading this, I would love to know what station is playing all those great hits or if I could get a copy of that playlist it would be appreciated! =)

Tavern 29

47 E.29th Street (Bet.Park & Madison), New York, NY10016 | Tel:(212)685-4422 | Tavern29.com

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