When it comes to dining out, sushi is by far my favorite choice. It’s one of the only meals I don’t know how to make at home (yet) and I am very rarely disappointed with the Manhattan sushi scene.

My parents, and my fiancé’s parents, wanted to come in to take us for dinner this past weekend. Now most of you may think that is a big deal but for us it’s a common occurrence. We have a pretty unconventional and lucky relationship with our families. We have all known each other for nearly 5 years now and have spent numerous birthdays, Hanukkahs, Christmas Eve’s and Rosh Hashanah holidays together.

I made us a reservation at BONDST, down in NoHo, as my sushi craving was getting out of control.

First Impressions at BondSt

When we arrived at the white brownstone on Bond St (yes BONDST is on Bond Street) we nearly walked passed it as the restaurant has limited window views and looks relatively dark from the outside. You enter the first level of BondSt in their Lounge which is a more intimate space that has its own sushi bar.  The short elevator trip, to the second floor of BondSt, brings you to the main restaurant where you are welcomed by subtle mood music playing in the background.  The dining room was quite spacious but felt intimate when we sat down.

The service at BONDST was superb and the waiters were extremely knowledgable and helpful during our dining experience. They handed each of  us warm towels as we sat down (one of my favorites especially in the winter) and we began ordering our drinks. My parents and Jordan are suckers for anything Jalapeno so naturally they ordered the Shishito Jalapeno Margarita with shiso, jalapeno, agave, lime and charred shishito pepper. Jordan’s mom and I ordered our usual martinis straight up and Jord’s father ordered a Japanese beer.

Appetizers at BondSt

We started off the meal with a variety of appetizers and duplicated them so everyone could try everything. The Big Eye Tuna Tart was out of this world and definitely lived up to the hype. The fresh tuna is served on a crispy cracker like crust with creamy ponzu, white truffle oil and micro shiso. Their Red Snapper Tacos are served in a wonton like shell with espuma, mentaiko and sudachi vinaigrette with an avocado sauce on the side. We also ordered the Szechuan Yellowtail Sashimi which had quite a kick to it with hot peppers and chili oil on top. In addition to appetizers BONDST also gives everyone complimentary edamame (so no worries if you don’t see it on the menu).

BondSt BondSt

Sushi Run-Down

Everyone ordered an abundance of sushi rolls and different dishes for their main courses. The sushi breakdown consisted of: Salmon Avocado rolls, Spicy Tuna rolls, King Alaskan Crab rolls, Yellowtail Nigiri and Arugula Crispy Potato rolls. We also had the Spicy Crispy Shrimp with chipotle aioli and the Tuna Crispy Rice which was much spicier than anticipated.


The food here truly is a work of art. The fish used for the sushi was extremely fresh and had a delicious flavor. In fact, I did not even use soy sauce for the roll because I didn’t want to take away from the taste of the salmon and tuna.

Dessert at BondSt

My donut lover, Jordan, ordered the BONDST donuts filled with yuzu cream and yamamomo jelly. Served warm and just flash fried, the freshness was apparent. We also ordered the Sweet Nothings dessert of petite chocolates served with a Japanese flare.


Now if you ever head down to NoHo, and need a Japanese/Sushi spot, I highly recommend BONDST. It was nothing short of fresh from the hot to cold dishes. I know that not all of you will be dining with six people so you may need to narrow down your dishes. If that’s the case my top three dishes, that I am still salivating thinking about, are the Big Eye Tuna Tarts (aka Tuna pizza), Salmon Avocado Roll and the Tuna Crispy Rice.

It’s safe to say my sushi craving was satisfied, at least for now.

To Satisfy your Cravings here is the information you need on BondSt

6 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 777-2500

Check out the BondSt website  (Beware to those ‘at work’ internet sushi surfers…The BondSt website has autoplay music that will catch you off guard if you aren’t prepared – Might want to lower your volume before you start your sushi quest!)

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