New Yorkers, the time has come. The sushi burrito has officially arrived to New York City. San Francisco has been enjoying it, and making us jealous, for about 4 years now. We’ve anxiously awaited the arrival, envious of the many ‘Sushirrito’ instagrams we’ve stalked longingly on social media, thinking Why Oh Why has this genius food hybrid not made it’s way to NYC?

Sushi Burrito

Finally, Uma Temakaria, one of our favorite fast casual hand roll joints, is the first to debut the Sushi Burrito here in NYC. To honor International Sushi Day, Uma rolled out their sushi burritos last Thursday, June 18th, at their Chelsea flagship store and their temporary booth at Penn Plates food market. The sushi burritos are customizable, but Uma recommends sticking with the “classic”, which consists of fresh salmon, tuna, spy mayo, julienned carrots, cucumbers, and sushi rice seasoned by Chef Chris Jaeckle. All ingredients are then wrapped in a crispy nori sheet, ready for you to enjoy.

Why will sushi lovers fall in love with the sushi burrito?

It’s got everything you love about sushi, and nothing you hate. That’s right folks, the chopstick struggle is over. You will never have to use your chopsticks with this sushi burrito hybrid. We never again have to question our intelligence for why we still cannot figure out how to properly place those pesky wooden sticks between our fingers? Well, the struggle is real no more. All this sushi burrito requires is your hands and a hearty appetite.

Time to use those creative minds of yours. Yes, you could go with the classic and be very happy, but with the make-it-yourself set up at Uma Temakeria, why not have some fun and mix things up? I went with the brown rice, all veggies that could possibly fit, and topped it with their zesty Avocado lime sauce and the miso dressing. Created specifically for me, by me, and eventually eaten by me. Take your time, be thoughtful, and you will not be disappointed.

Sushi Burrito

It’s affordable and sustainable, two words that are often hard to find in the same sentence. Uma Temakeria seeks to serve sustainable seafood and have partnered with Sea to Table to provide the best line caught Albacore Tuna sourced directly from fishermen in Bellingham, Washington. And for only $12, this burrito is probably the best bargain you’ll come across when looking for quality fish.

The sushi burrito is now being served at Uma Temakaria’s seventh avenue storefront in Chelsea, as well as their pop-up at Penn Plates by Urban Space. Get here fast, before you’re late to the Sushi Burrito Instagram party!

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